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Sprouts and swollen ankles

December 26, 2011

Christmas Day has just ended … everyone’s asleep but me and my mind is calm at the same time as racing wildly…

I am (as you’ll realise if you’ve read much of this blog), hopelessly sentimental and attach ludicrous importance to the most peculiar of things … and Christmas Day has always been one of them. This year however the whole thing felt different, weird and out of kilter. I guess having been in hospital so long in the build up to Christmas didn’t help (I know, stating the ‘bleedin’ obvious’), nor did not having bought my own tree and put it up and covered it with all the decorations (each one tells a story) as I have every year since childhood (even in Outback Australia). It struck me on Christmas Eve as I was listening to the  Carols from Kings Chapel that this year I haven’t heard enough Christmas Carols … I’ve even managed to avoid most of the Slade type Christmas songs as well. I went to church this morning; we arrived late during O Come All Ye Faithful and I wanted to shout stop and start again at the beginning … but obviously I didn’t … and missing the Yay Lord We Greet Thee verse with the lovely descant and Hurrah for Christmas morning feel to it left me feeling a bit crabby for most of the morning. Which was a shame.

The Spaniard did enjoy Hark the Herald Angels … infact it’s the only time in the last 24 hours I’ve felt it move. After the big scan the other day, it moved non stop exhaustingly all through the night for two nights and then just as suddenly, mid morning Christmas morning it has stopped again. I don’t feel as anxious as before as last time it did (13 days later) move again … but I am going back on the heart scanner in the morning which I’m glad about.

Anyway – back to Christmas … back to mother’s and somehow I ended up cooking the whole dinner and making all the sauces and so on … we finally sat down and started the gargantuan gluttony around 3.30 (I missed the Queen’s speech as well) and finished well past 6.30. Very quiet, just us and 2 friends of mother’s both rather eccentric, one in particular who turned up with scarves wrapped around her feet instead of shoes as her toes hurt (they were silk scarves) … fun all in all but again somehow not fully Christmas and with it. I did however scoff enough for a family of 18 which probably explains why (7 hours later) I still feel sick! Not a single present was opened until about 8pm, and the TV stayed off til 9pm … the only interruption to the tranquility was Roy’s present to himself … a Michael Buble CD … oh dear oh dear that nearly sent me into a frenzy of CD smashing rage but I did manage to restrain myself in the end by chopping up sprouts in a vindictive manner! Come to think about it no wonder the poor Spaniard hasn’t moved it is probably traumatised by elevator music as well … note to self must play something loud again tomorrow to normalise it!

Christmas Eve was wonderful … my ‘bed neighbour’ (was going to say bed buddy but it sounds weird) from the hospital had a baby .. 3 weeks early and naturally and very suddenly on 23rd …. and I was lucky enough to meet her before she headed home. That left me feeling totally overwhelmed … emotion, relief and happiness for my new friend and this gorgeous little girl, and also very weird to think that one way or the other by the end of 12th January (under 3 weeks time) I’ll have had a baby too. It made me realise how very unprepared I feel for everything; at home, within myself, in practical terms … and just in the overall ‘how weird will it be holding a baby you can’t hand back to someone?’ sort of a way. I went to bed fully of joy at seeing little Evie who really is a terribly pretty baby and also in shock at the thought of there being one of them tucked inside me.

All in all no wonder I was a bit on another planet for Christmas … I did also make an important discovery; brussels sprouts make you get swollen ankles. Yup it’s a fact … first time so far in pregnancy I’ve had swollen ankles, and also first time for 9 months I’ve had sprouts .. so it must be true.

Right – back to post Christmas reality tomorrow and wishing I’d had my normal Christmas joyful feeling today. Maybe it’s hormones and maybe it’s me still battling to get hospital out of my system.

Silly trollop I am .. I need to sort baby grows tomorrow, to sleep tonight, to ponder where to get my toes done (no nail vanish) before the Cesarean (I can’t reach my toes any more) and also to see my nephews, have a heart trace and get on with resting and so on. Let’s try bed again…. who knows maybe I’ll wake up more back to normal again!

Sorry for the ramblings … this is a bit stream of consciousness even for me!l There are the most marvellous stars out this evening, Orion is high above the house, making me think of my father … he used to take to star watching on clear nights down by the style at the end of the lane … I miss him … and particularly at Christmas, not because of the big family emotion thing more because he used to wear the hat from his cracker very determinedly long after everyone else had taken theirs off even though he didn’t enjoy the frivolity of paper hats. On the way back from church we stopped off to say hello at his graveside … I forgot to take a cracker with me or any flowers but it was good to see him at any rate.

Tonight I must sleep, The Spaniard must bounce and tomorrow is, as some American once said, another day (week 35 + 3 days to be precise).

Father Christmas must be about done by now … I hope everyone had a joyful happy Christmas … I did just felt a bit odd at the same time. I hope your tummies are full, your hearts overflowing and that you did enjoy the peace and fun of this wonderful time of year … and that you heard some good carols to sing along with … and didn’t get tortured by Michael Buble as I did!!

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  1. Linda permalink
    December 26, 2011 10:07 am

    Ellie, post-Christmas greetings to you, your Spaniard and to the rest of your family. You’ve had nearly nine months of roller-coaster emotions – Christmas must just put the tin hat on it! If you think you’re sentimental now, just wait till he/she is here…..oh boy, you’ll be a wreck at this time of year….as well as being supremely happy!

    However, there was one line in your post that I had to re-read many times to actually process…”Roy’s present to himself…….a Michael Buble CD”. As current day parlance would have it…..WTF????

    Good luck Ellie and I pray that everything goes well.

    (did I mention that one of my absolute favourite words is ‘trollop’?)

    • December 26, 2011 2:35 pm

      I know … just think how it felt having to hear the wretched CD over and over and realise he’d gone out and spent good money on it!!! Thank you dear Linda hope you had a lovely Christmas x

  2. Angie Mason permalink
    December 28, 2011 5:14 pm

    A wee lesson in gravity, sprouts and pregnancy from the Loopy Brancastrian Lady…… Now M’am…. it’s the standing and the peeling and the stirring (and the buzzing of the bees in the cigarette trees?), in combination with that Little Spaniard at the front of you, that is making your ankles swell…… sit down, feet up!

    Lots of love and kisses and very best wishes from windy Brancaster xxx

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