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Wired for sound

December 29, 2011

Today was quite a jolly day all in all … apart from having to chase the hospital, but I knew I’d have to do that so I can’t count is as an annoyance!

Slept reasonably well (still not feeling any movement but reassured by scans and so on yesterday) and woke up wondering when the hospital would phone to summon me in for my plethora of tests. The cheery chap from Lung Function was first – midday tomorrow I have to sit in a glass cupboard blowing into various tubes to measure the capacity of my lungs and the oxygen exchange etc. That galvanised me to call the cardio lot who swore they had no referral for the 24 hour tape test but when I mentioned echo cardiogram they found it underneath that referral … so I headed over straight away and was all wired up … they make the small machine Ellie proof so I can’t reset it and glued it to my chest via funny sticky pad things and clipped it onto me. My every move is monitored today and they said try and have as normal day as you can so I left there feeling all cheery and to be honest a bit Cliff Richard (I know I know but the song Wired for Sound has been with me ever since!!).

Wired for Sound ...

I have to go back at 9am and have it removed and they suck the data from it and pass it to the consultants ready for later in the day … then at 9.30 I’ll have the echo cardiogram apparently like an ultrasound / x ray to look at the way the chambers of the heart are working … which sounds rather exciting. Then I bimble round to lung function for those tests which take another hour … and then back to the blue plastic chair and the baby heart monitor and then it should all be done … factor in waiting around and it will probably be all day rather than my optimistic 2pm … and obviously then I have to hunt down the plethora of consultants that will be making “the decision” as to what to do next (1 – more tests and monitoring day by day til 12th Jan, 2 – more tests then Cesarean next week, or 3 – immediate cesarean)

My voice has changed a bit … gone a bit breathy and squeaky but I presume that is my lungs being squashed by the small (well actually by now huge) Spaniard. Anyway we shall see.

So – I used today to do some normal stuff which was lovely … drove up the hill had a small walk, went and saw a friend briefly, then went to a second hand baby stuff emporium and found that none of their prams fitted in my boot so went to Audi to ask if they knew what prams might fit … they didn’t but lovely girl there searched online and bloke measured boot and they seem to have come up with one that may just work … failing that I might have to move away from my treasured convertible (I know it’s impractical but I love it) to a family type car, but I just don’t have the energy for that at the moment!

I’ve had the most wonderful conversation with a very special friend in California and been cheered by thoughts of walk in wardrobes and blue skies and the promise of a visit out there later in year (The Spaniard would perfectly in one of the walk in wardrobes).

My little monitor thing is just attached and minding its own business and the three sticky sucky bits are where they should be … so all is well … The Spaniard even lurched around a bit while I was talking to Clarey so it must have sensed my happiness or just perked up at the thought of a margarita in Balboa.

Peaceful evening before hospital faff tomorrow but at least I have some idea what to expect!

Time for tummy injection and some turkey curry!

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