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Interesting morning

December 30, 2011

So … after a fairly sleepless night (The Spaniard lurching around in rather an odd shoulder in the ribs kind of way) and I kept getting tangled up with the heart monitor, I set off round to the hospital at 8.45 this morning.

They removed my 24 hour tape and released me from my night time black box companion and sent me into the ‘echo chamber’ … yup another blue bed, more blue curtains and blue paper to wipe up afterwards … even blue end to the scan probe!!

It was rather uncomfy but fascinating watching the “flappy bits” (technical term apparently) around the heart opening and closing and then all the peaks and troughs and so on that showed up on the graph. Each chamber examined closely … end result was that my heart isn’t skipping or dropping beats, rather it is (inconsistent manner) picking up extra beats every now and then. Some people do it every three beats or with some regularity but oh no not me!!!

Anyway – nice bloke sending report and pictures through on the hospital system ready for consultant review later today … I asked how long the 24 hour tape report took and the receptionist said, “oh about 3 weeks” so had to gently cuff him round the ear and remind him it was needed for this aft … he obligingly headed off clutching my black box of data and came back grinning saying it would be done. I really am causing alot of disruption … they have been so good fitting everything in … I guess being 36 weeks pregnant (TODAY HURRAH) gives you extra importance!!

So – quick bath now and zipping back round to the nearest entrance to the hospital to mother’s house which by very good fortune is exactly where the Lung Function tests are at midday. Yet again I thank my lucky stars to be able to be a minutes walk away from the hospital… top tip when you buy a house!! You never know when you’ll need to turn into me and be in and out … this last month has been difficult but would have been intolerable if it hadn’t been for the proximity to the wretched place!

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  1. Angie Mason permalink
    December 30, 2011 11:28 am

    Hi! Great to hear of LS’s nocturnal lurching – sorry about the lack of sleep…..But, hey, that’s when they do it most! Little monkeys (is that the plural of monkey or is it monkies?? No, that conjours up pics of small monks….)

    Fantastic that you can nip in and out of the hosp as you do…… No bloody parking – and walking miles back.

    The heart echo thing is fantastically interesting isn’t it? Not nice to be in position where thought nec, but quite a privilege to have a look-see.

    I should think added beats (non-clinical) is due to the stress you have been under. Brian (clinical, but cows, dogs and cats etc) says (coolly), not desperate, prob due to pregnancy…… Does that make you laugh?

    Oh dear. Lovely day in Brancaster and about to walk to seals again with old doggies 9and old people). Hurry up and bring that little person to see us 🙂 xx

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