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Spaniard’s arrival – 9 days OR TOMORROW / THURSDAY newsflash

January 3, 2012

I was so so so tired today … looked it, felt it and all in all just kind of ached it … however, once I’d put the bag firmly over my head with the sunglasses over the top in case the bag broke I did venture out into the howling wind and gale.

All geared up for some ‘me’ time I headed over Barton to have a pedicure (having done a couple of hours work infront of the big square computer) … it took a while to relax and when I did it took a supreme effort not to start snoring and dribbling while the lovely Kelly used a small pick axe to break the revolting hard skin off my feet (yes I’m too vain to let the consultants see them in their normal elephantine state – although I gather I’ll have to have the nail varnish removed again before they unzip me!), she hacked them soaked them and rubbed them with fragrant oil it was in the end absolute bliss and I sat and ate a mince pie and felt very spoilt.

I left there in a monsoon and headed to my small house in the north of Cambridge to carry on the job of putting my past life into boxes for Roy to stuff in the attic … it was when I got there I realised just how very exhausted I am … still a little rest and 2 hours of sitting sorting produced wonderful results and this evening he’s shoving furniture round and cleaning walls and so on and even washed the curtains. The Spaniard may even have a nursery of sorts by the end of the week – well it will also double as my ‘home’ office, Roy’s place to do paperwork, a spare bedroom and a walk in wardrobe but there will at least be teddy bears and a chest of drawers full of small clothes and nappies. It will live a double life, half at home and half at mother’s house … here we are a bit more established with my babyhood chest of drawers resplendent with blue bunnies and butterflies and some wonderful hanging owls which my Aunt made me for Christmas.

Anyway – so all in all it felt as if we’d really got somewhere, and I was able to leave to go for a massage … utter indulgence and thank you to a friend for a wonderful present … a pregnancy pampering massage which involved a bed with a large hole in the middle so you can lie on your tummy (haven’t done that since June) and The Spaniard’s residence hung down through it. The bed thing also had ‘breast holes’ … must have looked very odd from underneath looking up but lets not go there! I had my shoulders rubbed, my back massaged, my legs soothed and all in all felt absolutely wonderful and so so rested and somehow totally invigorated … then I had a facial which I just couldn’t stop smiling through … left there feeling light as a feather.

OH YOIKES … phone just went as I was typing this … Roy phoning from home covered in yellow paint. Apparently Dr Hall (rheumatologist consultant dealing with my heart issues) phoned the house – stupid me forgot my mobile battery has run out… due to the issues with my heart they may be bringing me in earlier than 12th for delivery … humph and that as I had just got used the idea of it being 9 days away on 12th … as I type I’m on hold to the hospital while they try to track her down so I can talk to her.

YOIKES  AND DOUBLE YOIKES… got hold of her as she was leaving the hospital (7pm) … apparently due to my age (and she said that so discretely and kindly) my heart is having slight issues dealing with the size / weight of The Spaniard and the additional 50% more blood it needs to pump round my system hence the speeded up heartbeat and hence the swelling of the left side of it. Which is putting pressure on it – which would explain breathlessness and exhaustion etc … so they’ve discussed things and I may be called in tomorrow (will hear from the Obstetrician’s team in the morning) she said it might be an idea to bring my bag in when I go in tomorrow. They now think it would be better dealt with sooner rather than later … all fine with The Spaniard, all my other tests fine just that my heart is beating too fast… kind of as if I’m running a marathon all the time which clearly isn’t good for a soul or normal and could do longer term damage to me and heart.

Blimey – just as I was finally looking forward to a few days of getting sorted and having massages and doing work, calling bank, and … and … and  …

OH …

will let you know what’s what tomorrow as soon as I can but in meantime if no updates here check Twitter account which is easier via mobile phone …

YOIKES … haven’t even listened to my ‘preparing for a cesarean cd’ …best do that this evening.

haven’t even got names sorted out yet … will just have to be The Spaniard for the next few months …

Right then. Oh … YOIKES.

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  1. chrisconder permalink
    January 4, 2012 12:40 am

    I have enough candles stored to take us to the 12th just in case.
    The pomegranate ones are a real treat and last for ages. got three more of those, then we’re back to vanilla. You will be fine. Deep breaths and sigh. Yoikes indeed.


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