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Hope’s holiday

February 17, 2012

Yup – it’s that time – Hope’s first holiday! Well when I say holiday it isn’t to California or Sydney but the North Norfolk coast for a day or two and I’m so so excited!

Yesterday we both passed our 6 week checks with flying colours apart from Hope’s smile test – she failed that … she does smile but apparently didn’t smile in response to a smile from the Doctor.. anyway, apart from my heart apparently having a leaky valve (rather annoyingly) we’re both fine and declared fit to face the world.

So – we’re escaping – we’re heading to Brancaster for a weekend thanks to the kindness of some wonderful people we met there last time we stayed and have come to know well. I love and cherish the warmth and kindness that people have shown us not least Brancaster based Brian and Angie … so woo hoo Hope is having her first holiday.

We will walk on the beach, we will see the seals and we will go to the Jolly Sailors and generally breathe sea air and enjoy a total change. The only sad part is that my mother isn’t coming to … I have separation anxiety from her, she has separation anxiety from Hope and all in all it will be a wrench to go away but she has friends coming round and lots on.

Packing has reached wild new proportions … I can not get out of the front door for the pile of ‘stuff’ … and that’s just Hope’s affairs!

Right then, am optimistically expecting sunshine and a gentle sea breeze but am sure it will be a little chillier. Hope has lots of winter outfits, thanks again to the kindness of friends with older babies … and we’re going to have a huge adventure, after all, as everybody knows, “Down the shore everything’s alright”.

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  1. Joan Lawton and Neill Murray permalink
    February 17, 2012 12:30 pm

    Have a most wonderful holiday, however sure you will, what ever the weather, will think of you all walking across the sands surrounded by the sounds and sights you can only find in Norfolk, Hope will love it

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