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March 7, 2012

One thing that has become hugely apparent since Hope was born is how long it takes to get things done – or how much you can squeeze into a short space of time when you have to… gone are the peaceful long leisurely baths and the idle times staring into space… here are the high speed dashes around the house with washing, frantic searches for clean under wear, quick ‘seize the moment’ times when I can do some work …

Last week I was ‘busy’ working, writing thank you letters for Hope, and generally trying to get things done and trying to squeeze it all in between feeding Hope and putting her to sleep and her waking up and demanding food. I was extremely tired and felt a little swamped by how ‘behind’ I had got with all I felt I needed to do … then I was feeding Hope at about 4am and sitting in the rocking chair in ‘her’ room at home and I looked at her and just realised how crazy I had been and how I was in jeopardy of missing moments with her by trying to just do too much. Of course work needs doing and I have to find clean knickers when I get dressed but the most most most important thing is to enjoy Hope and to make sure, utterly sure, that all her needs are attended to and that she feels cherished and safe.

So, I’ve tried to make more time for her, and do more in the times she is asleep – sometimes the latter works sometimes not BUT I have today mastered the art (for today at least) of multi tasking.

I was just chatting to a friend on the phone and my mother came into the room and took a picture of me, afterwards I asked why and she said, “you were multi tasking” … I was confused and then reflected and laughed out loud at the fact that while I was talking to Derek I was also listening to the most wonderful new song from Mr Springsteen, breast feeding Hope (who was lying on two pillows infront of me on my lap between me and my computer) and also searching for something on google all at the same time! After Hope had finished eating she sat on the pillows on my lap watching me typing and looking at the screen – I turned the camera on the computer on and took a picture! She sat like that for nearly an hour chattering away in her baby talk and it felt the perfect way to work.

My happy co-worker!

Hope and I multi tasking

Bless her … now she’s asleep with a hint of a smile on her face!

Just thought I’d share it … generally she doesn’t sit infront of screens, the computer or the TV, but tonight I had to get something done and this just worked out well … I’m sure tomorrow or another time it won’t and she’ll be far happier in her little white Moses basket or in her buzzy chair thing on the floor or sitting on my mother’s lap but for now it all feels just right.

Also the song that we were listening to seems to capture how it feels to be self employed, broke and a new Mum!!! Someone asked me the other day what I do for a living and I bumbled through an explanation I’m sure they didn’t understand, next time I’m going to say I’m a Jack of All Trades and a multi-tasker!

Oh and I’ve learnt that if I have a bath with Hope (no soapy products in the bath when she is) we both love it, she loves wafting around in the water and then breast feeding before I wrap her in towels and very quickly wash my hair before leaping out of the bath and dressing her and then myself – it might not be leisurely but it is one of the happiest ways to have a bath I can imagine…. see there’s me multi-tasking again!

Oh and here’s Jack of All Trades by Bruce Springsteen … sit back shut your eyes and just listen to the lyrics – they are so apt!

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  1. March 7, 2012 8:45 pm


    I’m really loving that track too (and the whole album actually – really gritty).

  2. Joan Lawton and Neill Murray permalink
    March 8, 2012 11:02 am

    Great multi-tasking skills shown but it will get more of a challenge when she starts crawling and then walking so keep perfecting the art

    Love the track and album too hits lots of spots and always makes me think of you

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