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March 8, 2012

Hope was 9 weeks old this afternoon … and at almost exactly the time when (on 5th January) she was being born, today she was getting her first batch of vaccinations. Poor little pumpkin … oh and poor me.

In hospital she had many horrible things done to her – heel prick tests (lots and lots of them), a canula fitted, a vitamin K injection, antibiotics, 11 times she had her feeding tube put in (she pulled it out herself constantly). Then she had her tongue untied (which involved a very small sharp blade and her looking like a small vampire when I saw her straight afterwards all blooded) … so I thought that I wouldn’t be affected by her being injected. Wrong!!

The two nurses were very kind and very gentle but it did come as a bit of a shock that they were both going to inject her simultaneously … one in her right thigh one in her left … so as to get the pain over in one fell swoop and over and done with. I was holding Hope on my lap while they did it “on a count of three”, she went quiet then howled like a wounded wolf, I whimpered like a big wuss and then it was all over. She slept soon after and I was able to sit and breast feed her to cheer her up so I think by the time we’d walked back across Sheep’s Green to the car she’d quite forgotten the experience.

Tonight however she’s all hot and very unsettled poor little soul and has howled in a manner she’s never howled before; not endlessly but in despair. I guess she feels horrible and can’t understand why. I’ve fed her with breast milk, she’s had a bottle of formula to ‘”top her up” she’s been cuddled and held and finally she’s fallen into a listless sleep … I must as well was I think it may be a long night.

She was also weighed today and is now 8lbs 9oz … she should apparently have been an oz or two more as there has been a ‘dip’ in her growth curve … but she is doing well although she still isn’t smiling properly (I think she knew what was to come this afternoon)

I know it’s for the best (and having just looked at the charity that an amazing man, who was key in giving me the confidence to go ahead with the treatment which resulted in her arrival, set up and seen statistics of what diseases children in his new practise in Nigeria have to contend with), but I do hate that she now has diphtheria and typhoid and tetanus rampaging around inside her little body and that the first thing she’s tasted other than breast milk (or formula) is Calpol .. but it is for the best and we’re lucky to be able to be protected from harm in this way.

Right then – time to sneak into bed next to her little white Moses basket and try to ensure that Mr Duck takes care of her from his perch above her and I don’t wake her up.


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