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Working girl

March 9, 2012

Well now, being self employed has meant that the first few months of having Hope haven’t been quite as yummy mummy as some people with lashings of maternity leave are fortunate enough to have. I’ve been needing to fit bits of work in between the feeds and the sleeps which on the whole I’ve managed in dribs and drabs but it’s not been easy and nor has it produced much in the way of income.

Today was different, I actually went out to work and Hope came too. We delivered (my glamorous assistant, Hope, and I) a training session on how to use Twitter to a group of local shop owners from just outside Cambridge. Everyone had fun (I think), Hope slept for the first hour and then woke up in time for the midmorning tea break and she sat on a friendly lap and was fed a little bottle of expressed milk and then she dozed off and allowed her new friend to continue with the training. After everyone left an hour or so later, Hope and I went and sat on the sofa and she had a great big ‘lunch’ and enjoyed at least 4 courses before falling into her “milky moment” a lovely floppy relaxed state with a half smile, before drifting off to sleep.

She was tired after a bit of a grotty night following the injections yesterday but she had a relaxed and happy morning and a very dozy and drowsy afternoon. This evening the diphtheria and tetanus are clearly giving her bother again so it’s a quiet time with her Granby and then a peaceful evening with her father. Lots of milky moments, lots of hugs and lots of sleep.

Anyway – time to go and attend to her needs but just to mark her first morning as a ‘working girl’ and she did wonderfully – and seemed to enjoy it! If only every work experience could be as much fun – we even had chocolate cake!! (which Hope obviously enjoyed!)


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  1. March 9, 2012 7:21 pm

    Child labour – how much is that per hour or is it wages in fluid oz?! Hope she wore her tweet bib 😉

  2. Joan Lawton and Neill Murray permalink
    March 9, 2012 7:25 pm

    That’s my girl, she is a multi-tasker too, eating and entertaining

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