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Hope’s home from hospital

March 23, 2012

Hurrah, Hope’s home.

After 4 horrible days in our blue painted room in her green and blue bed with bars all round it in solitary confinement, Hope’s home.

Not an experience I want us to repeat, but thank goodness that we went to the GP on Monday and he had the sense and wisdom to send us straight round. The staff in Addenbrookes, in A&E and in the Children’s Ward were all wonderful and all made a huge fuss of Hope (and her weary mother) and the difference in the little girl that was admitted on Monday and came out yesterday evening was huge as you can see in the pictures.

Very poorly little girl in hosital

About to head home and smiling

The experience was extremely difficult and very worrying; traumatic for her and very stressful for me but it also allowed us alot of time utterly alone together day and night which we did enjoy and she now looks at me in a different way somehow and follows me everywhere with her eyes and lights up when I come into the room … and also it was just after we’d heard that the bad part of her illness had passed and we could come home with antibiotics that she gave me her first proper wonderful smile. It was that which finally pushed me into tears but smiling at the same time. She is such a wonderful little soul.

Anyway, it seems that she had some kind of early stage meningitis which the drugs clobbered early on and the lumbar puncture on Wednesday was clear. She gave everyone there a shocking scare poor girl.

The low points were the lumbar punctures, feeling very tired, afraid and alone and the day the clowns came and Hope and I had to watch them through the glass bit in the door due to being barrier nursed. The positives were around the staff who looked after Hope while I ran and  had a shower or made a hot drink, and their gentle professionalism and also support to me during the admission – a particular hurrah for the Play Supervisors from A&E and the ward who were superbly kind. Hope and I also enjoyed the garden and sitting outside with her Godmother who came and rocked her while I had a wash and then the way we were so gently shown how to administer the oral antibiotics after her canula came out (how painful was that when it blocked? Poor wee one)

So .. 4 lumbar punctures attempted, 1 canula inserted, two types of IV antibiotics, lots of blood tests, nappy tests, urine tests, upset tummy, rash and the indignity of living in her nappy for 4 days and constantly bashing herself in the face with her canula holder … it was a long spell in hospital for a few days.

Home now and the sun’s out, just back from a walk and she’s much better today. Still tired and grumbly and got cross with me earlier for covering her in yellow antibiotic goo. She’s also missing the lovely Play Supervisors who chatted to her and showed her how to play with a mobile. I’ve been relegated from ‘hero’ back to ‘drinks dispenser’ but we’re still a little gang Hope and me with a survivors story to write into her special journal.

Hope was also given a new teddy by the ladies in A&E and a little purple hat – knitted by ladies in America – which seems odd but I mentioned that before! She particularly enjoyed playing just before we left to come home and will I hope look back on the time if indeed she can remember a thing, as a visit to a holiday camp rather than the difficult and painful few days it was.

A friend observed that all children have one stay in A&E … I hope that is true and Hope had hers and it’s now over and done with – apparently I was the first child patient at the same A&E years ago – Mummy remembers crawling under the tarpaulin to get into the hospital.

Off to feed my pale grumbly baby and love her better again – thanks for all the messages and encouragement – hugely needed and appreciated.

Mr Sheep came too and took care of Hope


Hope's hospital holiday camp



5 Comments leave one →
  1. mary holleman permalink
    March 23, 2012 2:56 pm

    I am so grateful for the tears of joy you and Hope continually send our way. Absolutely love the picture of Hope’s smiling eyes and face. I can only imagine how it put you over the moon. And, it’s only the first of an abundance to come. xo

  2. Linda permalink
    March 23, 2012 3:24 pm

    Wonderful news. Love the smiley picture 🙂

  3. Sue permalink
    March 23, 2012 6:11 pm

    I am glad that you have gone home and Hope is feeling better xx

  4. Cate permalink
    March 23, 2012 8:06 pm

    Look how shiny her eyes are when she was about to go home!

    Glad everything is better. X

  5. Roger Darlington permalink
    March 23, 2012 10:21 pm

    Great to hear the good news. Enjoy the cuddles and the sunshine.

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