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Antibiotics and babies do not get along

March 27, 2012

Poor Hope … she HATES the antibiotics … well that’s not strictly true – she guzzles them back (we’ve mastered not even dribbling the revolting yellow goo) and smiles cheerfully but then about half an hour later they start playing havoc with her insides and she gets the most horrible pain in her tummy and then has major explosions in her nappies – they soak through to her vests, me, the floor and anything else in the near vicinity.

… and she cries … bitter tears, yes real tears, and looks so betrayed and anguished.

I was so worried yesterday that we went back to the GP (having phoned the ward) the basic response was that she’s ok and we have to finish the course as prescribed … I can’t wait for tomorrow poor baby when it’s all over… she’s gone from being able to settle herself and play happily in her little basket to a clingy wretched little soul who hates being put down or not being fed. Once she’s back to full health I think it’s going to take quite a while to get her ‘back’ to normal – if there ever is a ‘normal’ with new people.

Anyway – just wanted to get that off my chest … have been trying to work today which makes everything even sadder and harder … her Granby has been helping out and her father did a couple of hours with her this morning but has just “gone to buy nappies” which I think was a euphemism for “I’m out of here!!!” … he’s not really seen her poorly so it’s a bit of a shock to his system.

Right – back to work and trying to blot out the sound of her tears from downstairs where Mummy is giving her a bottle before I take her for a 10 minute stroll prior to my phone meeting.

Poor baby 😦



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  1. Joan Lawton and Neill Murray permalink
    March 27, 2012 3:05 pm

    Poor baby and poor you, but it sounds like the antibiotics will soon be over and then her poor tummy will have a chance to grow those good bugs, that we all need, again and then she should be back to normal fingers crossed as ever

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