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Who knew?

April 5, 2012


There’s alot happens when you have a baby that you didn’t previously have a clue about … and when you ask, people look at you in a baffled way and say, “oh everyone knows that” or something equally designed to make you feel tiny!

I never knew that breastfeeding could be difficult or even impossible for people … I’m lucky I have been able to breast feed with no problem at all and really enjoy it … only had a brief interlude of mastitis and not had sore nipply parts at all … AND it seems to be working well – today is Hope’s 3 month birthday – and she was weighed and is now over 10 pounds – the big lump! Bless her I feel very proud. During the last week she’s put on a whole 11 1/2 oz, even the health visitor was pleased … funny give it 18 years and she’ll probably be keen to lose that much weight in a week … funny old world.

Anyway, to celebrate Hope’s 3 month birthday we had a quiet morning and then had to go to the doctors for her second batch of jabs … poor little pumpkin arrived all chipper and cheery and left inconsolable (even though I breast fed her on both sides and gave her a little bottle of milk).  She’s been out of sorts ever since but did finally settle when we had a huge walk around the block and the park (twice) in her large pram with two of her stuffed friends Mr Rabbit (from Helen and Paul) and Funky Bear (hand knitted by my mother’s friend Ann) … she’s now asleep downstairs – still in the pram and has had a little Calpol which hopefully will ease her angst. I do feel so sad that she’s had to deal with so much nastiness in her short life – I know every baby has jabs, but Hope’s had 4 lumbar punctures, 2 canulas, umpteen blood tests, and heel prick tests and been nose tube fed and had lots of antibiotics by drip and in her mouth with little syringe. Poor baby girl … so she didn’t really have much fun on her 3 month birthday – 13 weeks – perhaps not so lucky for her – but she has now been fortunate enough to be inoculated against all sorts of things so that’s good at least.

Where was I? Oh yes… who knew … when I was chatting to the health visitor today I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t had a period since having Hope and thought hmmmm how odd … so I asked her, and was told it was because I’m breastfeeding … who knew? Everyone I guess except me … anyway – I was interested!

Right then – thank you cards to finish (sorry they’ve been slow) and getting round to designing a Christening card for her big day in May.

Happy 3 month, 13 week birthday baby girl …

I am so lucky, I still can’t quite believe that this is all real and she is so perfect and such a source of delight (and yes I’ll still think that after she keeps me up all night tonight – though I hope she doesn’t for her sake poor girl and the jabs don’t affect her so badly now she’s had some medicine) … I am so lucky.


Asleep after her immunizations

Watched over by Mr Rabbit and Funky Bear

My advanced daughter can now breast feed sitting up on the sofa beside me ... look how talented she is!! I love how she looks up at me while she's eating! (Proud Mummy!!)

3 months old and already a fashionista ... my beautiful girl before the horrible injections

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  1. chrisconder permalink
    April 5, 2012 10:00 pm

    wait till she gets teeth, and the phone rings, and she turns her head to the noise when feeding… warning you now
    in case you didn’t know
    keep rockin, you’re doing great and she is so cute I am almost broody again…
    chris xxx

  2. Roger Darlington permalink
    April 7, 2012 12:09 am

    Happy three month birthday, Hope. I will have to come and see you again when Anne Faulkner has had her baby.

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