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Hope’s first Easter

April 10, 2012

Hope had – in my Mumsy opinion – the best first Easter possible. In fact all in all it was a pretty wonderful weekend.

In brief, she had her first hot cross buns (from Fitzbillies of course) – well I had them and she watched, she went for a lovely walk in her huge pram, she opened her first bank account, hung out in a wonderful Italian coffee shop / deli in Cambridge and watched her mother eat tiramisu after a huge platter of ham and wonderful cheeses and a lovely mozzarella salad and then pottered round Cambridge looking at vegetables for Easter lunch and generally taking everything in. Head up, eyes wide, she is so observant and aware of absolutely everything and never seems phased just desperate not to miss anything. We bought the bulk of what we needed for lunch up at the wonderful farm shop (and ate yet more scrumptious cake … I am breastfeeding, I do need additional fuel … ok I know I was very greedy over Easter I admit it, but I did have alot of salad too, and greens not just cake and chocolate)

She doesn't miss a thing

We had another lovely walk in the large pram and I went to the local shop to buy bits we still needed and thought I’d put the box of shopping under the pram, hmmmm, that wouldn’t work, so I tried tying the bags under the pram, nope … near disaster, so, I had to pack the shopping in the huge pram around her … the people in the shop suddenly seemed to feel the need to come and stack shelves nearby – I’m sure they thought I was shop lifting, it was all very embarrassing! The walk home afterwards had to be very slow as I was a bit concerned the smoked mackerel and Easter eggs would move and they and Hope would be squashed up against the bottle of red wine. We made it back safely and she slept all the way! She had the most wonderful meal that night, and fed and fed and fed like a small hungry person possessed and seemed to enjoy it all even more than usual, perhaps the walk had stimulated my milk production or something but she seemed so happy afterwards.

Hope slept for 7 whole hours in a row (hurrah) and woke up on Easter morning to hear me singing Thine Be the Glory very very loudly … favourite hymn by a very long way.

We had wonderful poached eggs for breakfast and I carried on singing Easter hymns to her – somehow Easter matters alot more to me than Christmas does … and I love the joy of the music.

We went to church and she slept through the sermon

Slept through Philip's sermon

but woke up just in time to join in the final very rousing rendition of the afore mentioned hymn and then sat cheerfully on various laps before drifting back off to sleep over coffee. She handed out thank you cards for all the lovely knitted items she’s been given over the weeks, and then was thrilled to be given another lovely jumper which she will be wearing in the autumn.

Hope and her Mummy in their Easter best

She has grown, I ‘m not sure if I mentioned it earlier … this week she was 3 months old – and 13 weeks – and she was weighed and has at last broken the 10lb mark – to be precise 10lbs 4oz .. she’d put on a huge 11ox in a week bless her (not surprising as she recovered from hospital and just ate and ate and ate). She’s also much heavier to hold (obviously) but has grown in length as well and really feels large now somehow – although she is still half the size of other babies born the week she was.

After church, we drove home listening to Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley, something I kept trying to sing to her over and over again in hospital but could never quite remember all the words! We had various family members for lunch which was fun and represented 3 generations of mother’s family. Including Hope’s Great Aunt.

Over 90 years apart

Hope sat with me at the head of the table and commanded the conversation and then … oh the excitement … Hope’s first Easter Egg hunt.

Hope's first discovery on the Easter Egg Hunt

Hope wore the gorgeous soft snuggly faux sheepskin coat she’d been given before she was even born … it finally almost fits her … as with all her clothes she’s only just into the 0-3 month size and out of newborn / premature things. Ironic as she passes the 3 month mark! Where was I? Oh yes,her new comfy outfit … she looked so snug as we hunted high and low in the garden and found so many eggs. She shared hers with Mr Gnome (her friend from her 1 month birthday partyin the snow). The primroses are out and all the blossom and it really didn’t matter that it was a bit wet, it was a tremendously happy afternoon.

Hope and her Easter Eggs

During the Easter Egg hunt, Hope listened to her Great Aunt and her Grandmother reminisce about growing up nearly 90 years ago – which was lovely. Afterwards, I ate more chocolate and a very pleasing chunk of lemon cake… then everyone drifted off. It was a wonderful day.

Granby and Great Auntie

I think my chocolate intake had got to Hope, so she only slept 5 hours which was still good (I can’t believe I am saying that having always been a sleepaholic).

Today we lolled around, ate more chocolate, walked round the garden to hunt for frogs and then had a lovely evening with some American friends who cooked THE most wonderful hamburgers (everything from scratch including the buns), cooked outside in the rain and washed down with a small cup of cider from the neighbouring pub which was finishing a bank holiday beer festival. We then sat on the floor and played with Hope who absolutely loved being read to and being held by 10 year old Aiden and his mother. I’ve said it before, but I do love watching other people with Hope, and learn so much from my friends in how to amuse her and in how she engages with the world.

Now back at mother’s house and everyone is asleep, Hope just had another huge meal and is wrapped up and asleep beside me, and my eyelids are closing. What a great Easter we’ve all had… what a blessing Hope is and how lucky and fortunate and privileged am I to have such a remarkable little person to love, and who appears to love me so whole heartedly back (although I’m sure it’s just because I’m her drinks dispenser).

Go on … play it again … this time louder and sing along… Thine Be the Glory … Happy Easter.

Oh and I made a very silly Easter Card too on the computer in the middle of the night while she was dozing after a great big breast feed … made me smile anyway!!

At the Hop with Hope, Granby, Daddy, Manda Mouse and her very silly Mummy

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  1. Joan Lawton and Neill Murray permalink
    April 10, 2012 9:10 am

    Wow what a fab sounding Easter you all had, think Hope is a very lucky girl to have all those amazing relatives including her Mum naturally .

  2. April 10, 2012 10:36 am


    Big smile. That’s all I wanted to say. :))

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