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A vision

April 17, 2012

no … not a vision of loveliness … but a vision of dog rough exhaustion! Not such a yummy Mummy!!!

For the last 24 hours Hope’s been very grumbly during the day time … slept well at night and then woken really happy and then gone from happy and smiley to fractious and mumbly to downright cross and shouty … not sure really what it is but have put it down to growing pains as in a week she seems to have expanded hugely. Her red baby grow last week had her feet just at the beginning of the foot sections … now they are filling them and it is almost too tight for her.

So .. I sit here, and she’s finally asleep (though not in her usual peaceful way) covered in a mixture of baby sick, breast milk, formula, wee, poo and my own breakfast … ran a bath a few hours ago and haven’t managed to get into it yet, my unread post mountain just fell on the floor and my pile of unwritten birthday cards is now covering the desk… but other than that all is fine!!! I love my girl, I love breast feeding her and I’m getting used to eating cold (frequently congealed) food!! I have managed to keep up with work though – so not all chaos and disorder!

OK – quick bath before she wakes up … then we’re off for a walk with the large pram.

oh and here’s me.. told you I was a vision!

A vision of unloveliness!!!

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  1. Cate permalink
    April 18, 2012 9:06 pm

    You look like a mummy!


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