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Booooo poor little girl

May 3, 2012

Poor little Hope had her final batch of injections today … good that she’s having them so she doesn’t get some grim disease in the longer term but she has been inconsolable and has very sore thighs …

Today 3 jabs, 2 were done, as the other times, simultaneously and then lovely Wendy quickly stabbed her in the leg again with the final injection. My small friend went apoplectic, then stopped looked absolutely furious and then equally dramatically fell asleep for about 4 minutes and then woke again and howled for half an hour and then fell heavily back to sleep again. I know people struggle with injections and the idea their child has had that done and it isn’t pleasant at the time but at least over quickly. The part I struggle with is how very poorly and sad she feels the night after they’ve been done. I’ve given her a dose of Calpol (on the nurses instruction) and have two sticky nipples having fed her and fed her to help her swallow it all down but even as I type she’s lying in her little bed whimpering in her sleep.

We drove around afterwards and she slept so heavily that she didn’t even wake up when admired as her Mummy snuck a quick cup of frothy latte in the wonderful Gogmagog Hills Farm shop (@gogmagogshop for those twitterati out there) … I bought her back to Mother’s house and have fed her and fed her and finally she is quiet but with sticky tear streaked cheeks.

I’m glad there’s no more stabbage until January, she’s had more than her fair share of needles and nasty things done to her since she was born, and once the sun comes out and this rain stops pouring down, I hope we can have a happy summer having teddy bears picnics and reading stories and forget the pain of injections, drips, canulas, nose tubes, lumbar punctures and so on.

She’s waking up so I must go and give her a cuddle … precious little girl (actually not so small now … she is 17 weeks today and weighing now 11lbs 7oz … oh ok still small but growing … and beside her new friend Alfie who only weighs about 6lbs she looked a giant … hard now to imagine that she was that small so recently). Right then cuddling time.

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