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4 months old today

May 5, 2012

Wowie … not only do I have a baby … I have a 4 month old baby. Yes our incredible little Hope is 4 months old today … 17 weeks and 2 days and at weigh in on Thursday was 11lbs 7oz.

Yesterday morning I had an eye test (one long one short; specs needed for computer and reading), and Hope came too. While we were waiting for the optician we were chatting with the receptionist, I say we, Hope was grinning her gummy smile and chattering away and making the most remarkable gurgles and squeaks … she isn’t really giggling but does make sudden delighted yelps. It was just lovely. It lasted about 3 minutes into the appointment and then the lights went out and she started to shout at the optician so i had to breast feed her (another place on the list of odd places I’ve fed Hope!!). She settled down and we finished the test and left there with her fast asleep.

This time last year we had just arrived in Spain for the final part of our IVF treatment … and I don’t think I ever believed, well I know I didn’t, that it could possibly work (IVF never works first time everyone knows that) … and now here I am shattered after a 5am breast feed but totally and utterly happy and feeling so blessed with the most perfect little girl.

Not sure what we’ll be doing today … maybe a quick visit to the church jumble sale to say hello to everyone there, and a walk into town to buy a burrito to mark the cinco de Mayo and I might just dip my tongue into a very small margarita to celebrate. After that while the rest of the world is watching the FA cup final she and I will go for a wander down to the river (I’m assuming sunshine all day of course) and feed the ducks … she hasn’t done that yet and I think her 4 month birthday is just the time to start.

I just heard her waking up again and went into fetch her (she’s now sitting on my lap watching me type) and she gave me the most gorgeous gummy smile and her eyes lit up .. I’m sure there will be plenty of times in later life she isn’t always as happy to see me but for the time being it feels remarkable to be someone’s hero. Now it’s time for her second birthday breakfast : )

Here we are

4 months old and just woken up one of us looking lovely!!!

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