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Fresh air and fun

May 16, 2012

After a lifetime (literally for my small person) of endless rain the sun has been out a little recently … Hope and I have been for walks with her in the lovely large pram and she lies there looking up at the sky and chattering away to herself … if I stop and peer in she looks at me, otherwise all I can see when I’m pushing her is little hands waving above the blankets. Then when we’ve finished and got home she looks up and turns her head a little sideways and gives me the most amazing almost comedy grin and sometimes reaches her arms up towards me. She doesn’t feel like a baby any more … crazy to say that I know when she’s only 18 weeks old but to me now she’s like a little person with a very strong will of her own (where did that come from???) and already a few definite likes and dislikes.

One of the big dislikes is now drinking from a bottle, I’m 99% entirely breastfeeding her but when she’s left with someone for the odd hour here or there when I have to go to a meeting (or get my eyelashes done … yup I did … vanity reigns … Christening getting ever closer!!) then my mother or her god mother or a wonderful friend have taken care of her. They need to be able to feed her, she drinks my milk supply pretty much dry so she has formula at times like that and boy does she not like the whole bottle thing. Roy can’t deal with it he admits immediate defeat, Godmother has will of steel but Grandmother wins the day beguiling Hope to drink by facing her out to the day light right by the window and chatting to her non stop about the pigeons and birds til Hope’s little mouth falls open, the howling stops and she looks up smiles and downs the bottle in a few gulps … bless her.

We took her to the local bluebell woods (Hayley Wood) on Sunday in the carrying pouch … I wandered through muddy puddles and she (still turned in facing me) craned her neck up to look at the sky and looked around with absolute wonder at everything, it was gorgeous … then she got a bit tired and her bottom lip came out… which it does so incredibly, but when she caught sight of the sky again she went back to her usual self.

I don’t want to go home Mummy …

Sunny Sunday walk in the woods

After that I had to go into Cambridge to look for bits for her christening and I tried her in the carry pouch facing out. She loved it and smiled and waved at everyone which made it hard to get through the shops without being stopped by every man and his dog wanting to chat to her! She was however knackared when she got home so I think I still need to be careful about over stimulation and getting over tired. She generally only gets grumpy now when she’s hungry, over tired, bored or in pain .. the latter seems to be tied to her teeth, she dribbles constantly at the moment and spends hours chewing her blanket, her sleeve, her toys, my nipple (yes OUCH) and really anything she can find to chew on. I shall miss that gummy smile, but it’s a good thing she is developing properly.

I think all the pregnancy hormones have run away now, I have been tired the last few weeks (going to the doc tomorrow to check iron levels) and I’m back to my normal self, certainly my skin no longer looks glowing… but I’m happy and ever more besotted… AND my new pairs of glasses are helping with the tiredness if not the glamour of this not so yummy mummy!!

Still, it’s been great having the chance to get out into the fresh air and has really got me looking forward to the summer months once the ground has dried back out and it feels a bit warmer and picnics by the river. In the meantime we find indoor activities … I’m not sure if you know I’ve been writing for the local paper about motherhood, I described our trip to the cinema in my column there … we’re still mildly traumatised by the experience!!

We’ve also been out to visit a dear friend who had a baby boy 3 weeks ago … Hope quite took to young Alfie and they chatted away while his mummy (who is incredibly yummy even 3 weeks after a Cesarean which totally blows my cover!) … it was huge fun wondering if they’ll end up married or friends or not get on at all!! Good though knowing they’ll grow up with a little friend almost the same age.

baby talk … Hope and Alfie

I’ve also been busy with work (and looking for work … it’s tough being new mother and self employed) so all in all things pretty busy, but the main thing is Hope is growing and thriving and we’re all doing well .. if looking a little on the shabby side!!

Bed time now … got to be bright for Hope’s christening in a few days time.

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