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What to wear crisis…

May 16, 2012

…has been averted for the first time ever in that I found a dress, which I think I love, and one of Hope’s godmother’s took me to buy shoes and told me what to buy and another will tell me if they go when she flies in from California. My yummy Mummy friend told me I had to be nipped in at the waist and needed a frock, she also suggested eyelash infills so I now look pleasingly like Ermintrude the cow and love having big blinky eyelashes (yes I know I never thought that would happen either .. they will probably get stuck together or fall out), my hair has been tidied up, my legs waxed, my feet are being repaired (though I don’t think that she realised I wasn’t joking when I said it would need a chisel and a cheese grater), and my finger nails are to be varnished.

All this may seem over the top for a Christening, after all it’s Hope’s day not mine … but I NEVER EVER BELIEVED I WOULD HAVE A BABY … let alone a christening, SO, I’m making the most of it!!

Hope will look incredible in her great grandfather’s christening gown (or perhaps it’s my father’s … we’re not entirely sure), all freshly laundered and new white vest and tights, the orders of service are being printed and people are busy making buns and cup cakes … all very exciting.

I so want Hope to look back in years to come when she asks to look at photos of her Christening and say, “Mummy you looked pretty then” after all I’ll be almost 80 by the time she’s 30 – which is an alarming thought … but anyway, for now, my what to wear crisis has been averted. I don’t think I’ll try the dress on again before the ‘big day’ as I’m sure I’ll have a ‘my calves are too big’ crisis or something. Hope has lots of Godmothers … and they are all beautiful which is lovely, and Godfather’s who are all dashing and wonderful … lucky little person.

Anyway – now definitely time for bed before I talk myself out of my new ‘bombshell’ dress and into an old pair of linen trousers and a long baggy top… it would after all be much more sensible for feeding Hope … and I won’t have to wear heels (disaster waiting to happen there!).

I’m sure I was born without the glamour and shopping genes!

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