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I’m going to let it shine … Part 1

May 23, 2012

It’s now Wednesday … Hope was christened on Sunday … it was amazing, wonderful, meaningful and totally overwhelming! We slept on and off all day Monday and still not quite all there Tuesday and now even after a 9 hour sleep (Hope and I … hurrah!!!), the screen is a little blurry my eyes are still so tired and Hope is fast asleep again. What a day a day her Baptism turned out to be! How incredibly generous and kind people have been with so many marvellous presents, but I think that’s a whole other blog!

To start with an apology, I was so swamped and busy that I didn’t take a single photograph during the entire event and party … I have one of Hope and her Godfather Jake and Godmother Clare just before we all got ready and then several of her fast asleep after we finally got home when she fed and fed and fed and fed, and then passed out in my arms! Other than that I’m now relying on everyone else there with cameras to send pictures to us (email, disk etc… oh and hard copies if you prefer!). Anyway …

Hope was Baptised and Christened on Sunday … it was a very wonderful, and long dreamt about occasion. After all the ups and downs of the pregnancy, and then the slight hiccup after her birth and then the meningitis incident I have always felt deep down a little uncertain and anxious, Sunday marked the achievement of a huge milestone and a real rite of passage (for Hope AND for me!!).

All the fun and excitement started on Friday with the arrival of the first of her Godparents … she has 8 of them. I know this breaks with convention, but there was no upper limit specified on the CofE website and all 8 of them matter hugely to us so 8 it was. Hope’s gang. He flew in from Paris and arrived at my mother’s house expecting a cup of tea and a chat … he had those but was then presented with the enormous christening cake that Mummy and Roy had made (and that Mummy had undertaken to ice but was not really looking forward to the task). Tim set about it with military precision and within the hour the cake was covered in marzipan and perfectly smoothed icing.

The icing maestro in action

It was a huge relief!! If Mummy and I had done it we (neither of us Nigella) would have splodged it on with our fingers and created a pebbledash look … Tim made the cake look positively professional! He then headed off to his digs and Hope and I went to the church to ‘supervise’ / hinder Roy and Geoff from church in pushing pews around. St George’s normally allows for 144 people to sit, we were expecting somewhere up towards 180!! We then went home and had a great big Hope feast and then she and I headed off for an Indian meal with her Godfather. She chatted away to everyone there and took a particular shine to the waiter, and then also enjoyed her ‘ride’ back to the car with Tim carrying the car seat.

Saturday morning we awoke looking forward to the arrival of my brother for the Far East, he hadn’t met her before and I really never imagined the day would come when I could hand my brother my baby … it wasn’t quite the emotional reunion I had imagined!! His flight was 2 hours late and he had jet lag, but in his own quiet overtired way he looked fondly at her before handing her back when she started to cry! It meant the world to see them together.

Hope and her Uncle meeting for the first time

It was wonderful having him there and such a special thing that he came all the way to share the weekend with us. it is so hard having someone you love live so far away and I do hope that Hope gets to know her cousins over time … thank goodness for Skype.

We had a fairly quiet day on Saturday until late afternoon when my uncle and aunt  and cousin arrived in Cambridge – I love how my dear Uncle looks at Hope and says quietly, “Hope of the world” … that makes me so happy.

“Hope of the world”

We all enjoyed sitting around the kitchen table admiring Hope for an hour before she and I headed out to Grantchester to meet another Godmother, the cake icing Godfather and various other friends and await the arrival of the “glamorous Godmother” from Los Angeles.

Now, I totally put my foot in it the other week describing the personalities of the Godmother’s to one of them by saying that another of them was the “Glamorous” one and another was the intellectual and another the loving kind one which caused the one I was talking to ask if she was the Sporty Spice of the four … this then went on to cause good-humoured Godmother wars with each of them (and me too) trying to be the most glam on the day and to live up to wonderful Clare from California… obviously we all failed, we rushed around buying killer heels, having eyelash extensions (well I did), and having manicures, Clare arrived and looked incredible in a perfect understated green floaty frock … as if we could have ever hoped to compete!! Anyway, she arrived, the others went out on the town and she, Hope and I went home for a girly gossip … it is so wonderful seeing old friends and just picking up where we left off the last time.

By midnight Hope was long since asleep and I had just fallen exhausted into bed when the crunch on the gravel heralded the arrival of another long distance arrival, from America but flown in from Barcelona; Hope’s Godfather Jake. I hadn’t seen him for almost exactly a year so I leapt out of bed and went downstairs and we chatted and chatted and chatted until I realised that it was WAY past bed time and headed back up with my head reeling with tiredness, happiness and contentment at sleeping in a house full of many of the people I love the most.

If felt as if almost before I’d shut my eyes it was time to wake up again and the big day was upon us …

… this is getting a bit too long now and I’m ready for bed so sorry to say it’s to be continued when I wake up!

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