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Away with the fairies

June 3, 2012

Hope and I were a part of the new World Record Gathering of Fairies … this took place today at the Strawberry Fair in Cambridge. We joined the 345 other fairy folk and mingled amongst the glittery fairy wings, tutus, wands and tiaras (on men, women, children and a few dogs) looking splendid in  our own beautiful sparkly fairy wings. Hope was the littlest fairy.

Look I can fly

Yup I know I’ve officially lost the plot … having a baby allows me to indulge my inner child … but I’d have been there dressed like a blissfully happy wally this time last year given the chance so I can’t just blame her!!

Happy time people watching on a chilly grey Cambridge afternoon and enjoying food from around the world. There aren’t many places that have free festivals and I’m chuffed to bits that Cambridge (for all it’s faults) is one of them … the Strawberry Fair has been going years and I’ve always loved it although pushing a pram around and dodging drunk blokes with large dogs did get a bit trying at one point … but all in all it was a fabulous afternoon.

This time 60 years ago Elizabeth had been crowned our Queen … today she was watching horse racing and Cambridge was totally devoid of union jacks (apart from at my mother’s house) and we were dressed as fairies … funny old world!!

Two happy fairies … well one very happy fairy and one saying OK Mother if you say so!!

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  1. June 3, 2012 1:07 am

    I have seen, via Skype and one of the twins, a lovely card from you both today. Thank you!! How do you find time for such adorable niceties?! You will be pleased to hear that I am coming your way on my return as I need to go to Essex and last time I drove that route, I met the Spaniard so this time it’ll be fab to meet Hope. Dunno when yet but I can’t wait :))) x

    • June 5, 2012 9:57 am

      can’t wait to see you my friend … let me know roughly when … we’ve got the home fires burning and are following your #jfdiUSA tweets avidly xxx

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