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Lovely Jublee … oh I know I know

June 5, 2012

This weekend’s Jubilee celebrations have for me been a bit muted … I would, under previously normal circumstances, have been dragging friends to London to stand and wave a small flag in the Mall and enjoying the spectacle and the people watching but for once I’ve listened to nearest and dearest and done as they suggested and not taken Hope up to be part of the party outside the palace … and I’m feeling a bit disgruntled. It probably was the sensible approach to take but I’m sure we’d have been absolutely fine.

To compensate for missing London, I took Hope and my mother to the Barton Village Jubilee Celebrations (having driven through 8 other villages hunting for a Jubilee fair) and enjoyed the fun and sense of community the Jubilee bought to a local community (and Hope’s Granby had a brief encounter with her Majesty!) We also hung bunting across the gate and around the front door but I did fail in my quest to find a union jack baby grow. Then last night carried her in her little car seat up Castle Hill in Cambridge at 10.15 to watch the Cambridge Jubilee beacon being lit (very underwhelming ceremony but fun to be part of it and what an amazing moon).

Whatever your opinion in the whole monarchy vs republic debate, you can’t but help be awed by the service, the stoicism and the life long dedication to the job that the Queen has shown to our country. That’s something that makes me proud to be British and also represents qualities that I hope for Hope.

So … God Save the Queen…. and HURRAH!!!

Right then , off out to hunt for another fair with Hope resplendent in her small red dress, her white tights and her blue bib.

Mum and Ma’am

Happy Diamond Jubilee from the three of us

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