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June 16, 2012

My perfect girl is teething … she has been having random gum aches for a while but now it seems to be getting really painful poor little person… odd sad cries in her sleep but bless her still not waking at night. When it’s sore it seems to be really sore.

I tried bonjela which she licked happily and then when she breast fed it made my nipple tingle (which was weird and not very pleasant) and she has been sucking her blanket, her rabbit’s ear and really anything else she can get to her mouth, mainly her fingers and her sleeves. She has also developed a wonderful new habit. Gone (on the whole) is the frequent gummy smile, and in its place is the new gum sucking smile. Hope looks like a Les Dawson old lady with no teeth parody when she does it which invariably makes me laugh, which is mean of me but she does look so comical.

sore gums grin – bless her with her new wry smile

She’s also loosing her hair (please please little tuft stay there) and is totally bald now at the back and her little bed after two days develops a dark patch where the stubble is rubbed off as soon as it comes through! We’ve been away for a few days with her Godmother and family (oh how Hope loved playing with her Godbrothers aged 6 and 4 … they treated her like one of them and chatted away and jumped around and presented her with all their toys it was an absolute delight to see… and I quite enjoyed time gossiping and setting the world to rights with Auntie Susannah and Uncle Adi).

happy playing with the boys

Then we went to see a friend in Gloucestershire who has been storing my father’s old possessions, his flat flooded before he died and everything was put in storage and latterly in my friend’s barn which he has now sold so it all needs sorting through. It was very bitter-sweet, deciding what to keep, what to give away, what to burn, what to recycle … tears and laughter and very dusty fingers rubbed in my eyes … Hope supervised from the other end of the room on her small pink throne and I told her stories of her Grandfather and read her bits of his letters and bits of the letters that his troublesome teenage daughter (me) had sent him years ago which he had kept … I was quite articulate once, and thin judging by the photographs he’d kept as well!!! We did also make it into the local town and a wonderful children’s clothes shop called Little Monkeys where we bought a hat (for when the sun comes out one day!!) She seemed to really enjoy wearing it while I was carrying her round (facing forward) in the carry pouch even though it’s big enough for next year too!!

happy girl in her new hat

Anyway, a long drive home (I love being able to glance over my shoulder and see her little tuft of hair sticking up above the car seat, if she’s awake it nods back and forth if she’s asleep it sticks straight up … it is also curling now) on a windy wet June evening last night and a slight lack of sleep for me (Hope slept all the way, got back, looked at me, fed then zonked) but today although it’s still blustery, the sun is out and the morning started wonderfully with Hope seeing her Granby for the first time for a week and staring intently, following her around the room with her eyes (oh which do appear to be changing colour slightly … more grey than blue now) before breaking into a huge joyful gurgle smile followed by sitting up against the pillow grinning her new funny grin. Then she did a huge nappy explosion and grinned even more broadly.

sleeve chewing in her throne chair

We went downstairs and she had great fun licking a tiny piece of toast into total mush (I’m letting her taste and lick things as a precursor to starting her on other foods alongside breast milk – so far tomatoes and soggy toast are favourites oh and curry … chicken tikka Ceylon to be exact, she doesn’t like pasta putanesca or cucumber).

She’s asleep now and sucking her gums loudly and I have to finish a bit of work, finish this, hang the washing out, dry my hair and think about eating something!!!

sucking her fingers

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  1. Linda permalink
    June 17, 2012 11:32 pm

    Has she got a Sophie La Giraffe Teether? Two of my grandchildren had one – easy to hold and very useful to bite on!


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