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Say goodbye it’s Independence Day : )

July 4, 2012

“Wooo hoooo and what a relief”, says this proud Mummy; this afternoon Hope was officially fired by the pediatricians at the hospital … she’s doing so well, and passed all her tests and they don’t want to see her anymore at the hospital clinic.

We had a long hot wait in the cheery surroundings of the clinic and watched a sticky looking chap rather frustratedly hunting for Wally in a tattered old Where’s Wally book and then, just as Hope had finally fallen asleep, we were called in to be weighed and measured which obviously involved being woken up and stripped. She’s still not quite a stone in weight but is totally in proportion (head circumference, weight and length).

One seriously major nappy explosion (only she wasn’t wearing one at the time) later a very very hot and crabby Hope and a very very very very sweaty tired me were sent back to the waiting room, Hope in her nappy as she was just too miserable to put through the trauma of a vest … the bloke was still looking for Wally, and a lady that stank of smoke came over to admire Hope’s hair tuft, which made her cry even more loudly.

Anyway, then saw doctors had more tests and more naked examinations before finally being declared fit and well and totally recovered from early problems and issues around the meningitis scare and she was officially dumped, fired and slung out of the system … very nicely of course and with the promise that if anything was to worry us at all we were to get straight back in touch.

I’ve been so impressed by all the staff at Addenbrookes, not just the pediatricians but the midwives, obstetricians, nurses and care assistants in the Rosie as well … we are truly fortunate in Cambridge to have such excellence of care on the doorstep.

Wooo hooo so proud of my little brave girl … it then took her ages to calm down and a walk in the push chair and then in the pram … she did eventually … I’m absolutely and utterly shattered and about to hop in the bath to recover which of course means she’s about to wake up!!!

Hope did however sit up on her own again today, in the pram, and played with her toys there out in the fleeting glimpse of sunshine which we were treated to … a happy healthy perfect little person… and how appropriate that it is on Independence Day that they chose to say goodbye … reason to celebrate indeed (I do so wish I could have been in Paris to see tonight’s Springsteen show … but having this news for Hope tops even that).

HURRAH FOR HOPE and Happy Independence Day to everyone who celebrates it.

Happy Happy Hope

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