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6 month birthday day

July 5, 2012

My girl is 6 months old today … I still can’t believe that 26 weeks ago I was terrified waiting to be wheeled up to the delivery unit (having waited since 6am) and then finally at 3.43 Hope was delivered … just amazing.

Today she woke up very early and fed alot, I so love watching her clench and unclench her little hands while she eats … then she looks around to check the surroundings and starts eating again … we were lazy today and had another snooze – for 2 whole hours and have had a quiet day since … she’s eaten lots more and played with Mr Sheep, sat up and looked at her Mummy and Baby slidy book and now, following another feast, she’s asleep again … I think the humidity gets to her a little.

sitting up for early morning reading

I’m going to scurry off and have a late lunch and then we need to head out and buy some more nappies – size 3 – and have a walk and some fresh air.

Looking across at her now, sleeping peacefully in her stripey vest one hand clenched above her head the other grasping onto Mr Sheep, I feel such absolute love and pride. She is a remarkable alert, watchful, funny, sweet, cheeky and very happy little soul … when she gets cross she gets really cross when she smiles she’s the smiliest person in the world .. she seems to do everything with gusto which is just marvellous. Hope is a tiny little person, I just came off the phone to Evie’s mother .. Evie was born 13 days before Hope she was early as well … she now weighs 15 1/2lbs, and Hope’s little boyfriend Alfie only 10 weeks old weighs over 11lbs … Hope at 26 weeks is 13lbs 11 but as I was told yesterday entirely in proportion … so … my petite girl bless her!

So … all together now … happy birthday to you … and HURRAH FOR HOPE

In fact I think we’ll go up to the farm when she wakes up for a birthday piece of cake to celebrate!!

Aahhhh it’s raining … ohh and she’s awake … she looked over and is now chuntering away to herself and Mr Sheep and keeps looking over in an, “I know you know I know you’re there” kind of way… off we go!!

Me and my 6 month old birthday girl after our morning snooze

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  1. July 5, 2012 3:59 pm

    That was lovely … happy six months Hope! Lovely photo of you both together!

    • July 6, 2012 5:36 pm

      thank you … it was a happy day and I’m still awed every moment by my perfect girl …

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