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the whole world in her hands

August 3, 2012

Yup … Hope’s passport has arrived … and I’m so excited … yet another milestone. I can’t believe we have a passport with her precious picture in it and all her hames … so so so proud. Of course I’m already flying ahead of myself thinking of adventrues she will have (and I hope many that we wil have together).

Her numpty mother had filled out the form wrong so I made an appointment at the London passport office on Monday afternoon and Hope and I headed down by coach (which I was a bit daunted by but was sensible as it pulled into Victoria about 5 minutes walk from the passport office). Hope loved it … we took her car seat and she was strapped in with smart red National Express seat belt and she sat grinning and looking up at the sky as we sped along. I perced precariously on the edge of the double seat (her car seat took up 1 & 1/2 seats) and kept trying not to slide off the slippery fake leather chair.

We went passed the Olympic stadium which was exciting and I was amazed how few people there were on the streets of Stratford … but it was very good to see it all so close. Hope slept for that part of the adventure.

We arrived in Victoria to be met by a police escort … I thought the news of Hope’s arrival must have brought them out but apparently International buses arrive in the same places as Cambridge buses!! They all smiled benevolently over their guns at Hope and I as we headed to left luggage to leave her car seat.

We then toddled around to the passport office … tried to find a park bench to sit on for our sandwiches and to feed Hope but they were all in the locked and gated beautiful green squares … shame London couldn’t open them all up for the Olympics.

Then followed a rather dull couple of hours in queues and we left both feeling a bit shattered before heading back to the coach and a journey back in the rain wondering if the passport would arrive by Monday (the time they said).

It didn’t … it arrived on Thursday … only 3 days after the ppointment and 3 days early … very impressed.

So … hurrah … Hope has the whole world in her hands … let the adventures begin.

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