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Calpol wars and brufen battles

August 17, 2012

Poor little person was taken to the doctor this afternoon after a third virtually sleepless night for us both … teething and a cold and cough and increasing bashing of the ears with tiny fists … he was very meticulous and thorough and proclaimed it a little viral infection and inflammation of the ear drums … bless her.

We were also instructed to continue the Calpol – which is (even more than vests and car seats) Hope’s most hated thing… we use a little syringe which used to be part of her nose feeding paraphernalia and squirt tiny bits into the side of her mouth … generally it comes straight back out again but she has also learnt to hold it for a few seconds until I think she’s swallowed it and just open her mouth in a, “ha so there” kind of a way and it all pools out. I thought I’d sussed it this morning but 4 minutes later she was sick so out it all came… the good doctor showed me his technique which turned out to be my technique and so the battle continues … I try to smile cheerfully and do it gently but now as soon as she sees the bottle, let alone the pink sticky gooey syringe she turns away in horror and starts to cry. So … when he said we should have Brufen as it is better for teething pain and ear drum pain I was relieved and thought maybe it would be less vile for her … WRONG … if anything she hates it even more and we both ended up tonight coated in sticky gunk as well as a bit of vomit and a projectile poo for good measure. She then lay there beaming as I changed her nappy and managed a quick wee for good measure just as I was putting the new one on … little monkey!

Tonight she is sleeping soundly and only snoring a little, but she is smiling so I hope she is dreaming sweet happy dreams of playing on a beach in the sunlight and isn’t plotting revenge on her mean old mother who keeps telling her it’s “for her own good” and will make her all better.

So … everyone … all together, “Get Well Soon Hope”… and hopefully she’ll wake up right as rain again in the morning and with at least one tooth soon … apparently it hurts less when one has come through. I’m sure all babies are different and I’m sure none have actively told their parents, “my this hurts less than the last one” but maybe just maybe they realise that it’s all over before long and then the biting can begin … yoikes!

What do you think? Comments welcome ...

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