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Cornish pasties

August 24, 2012

We’re in Cornwall … we drove for 10 hours and finally made it on a spectacularly sunny evening, past the glorious multi coloured  hydrangeas to the wedding of some friends we’d met in Madagascar a few years ago.

We’ve been far too busy having fun to be writing the main highlight so far being (other than the wedding) paddling in the Atlantic (Hope and Granby too) and then swimming with Hope this morning … not in the Atlantic but a hotel swimming pool … bedecked in her little pink swim suit covered in bright fish she went into the water. I expected at least one howl but no; for nearly 20 minutes she splashed, giggled, kicked, waved and grinned … she only howled a few seconds after I’d taken her out when she realised her first swim experience was over.

I didn’t test the theory of throwing them in to see if they can swim by some innate sense but I held under her tummy and then under her back as she variously explored the water.

So … wind blow and rain fall we don’t care, Hope’s career as a synchronised swimmer has started!!!

Now we’re heading out to find a real Cornish pastie and a cream team perhaps followed by a Cornish crab …


more to follow!!!

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