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Dancing Queen

August 25, 2012

Ha … Hope had another first today .. not only did she have her first swimming pool swim, she danced her first dance at a disco.

Well … when I say disco, I actually mean the ‘lively evening of disco music’ that was on in the hotel we’ve stayed in … it ended at 10pm and we were walking past on the way to bed when Hope spotted the twinkly lights … we crept into the normally plush carpeted bar to see a new shiny wooden dance floor where the comfy sofas usually stand. Te dance floor was empty … but they were playing Elvis Presley so Hope and I had a little dance … ‘You were always on my mind’ … then the DJ played something fairly hideous so we went over to say hello to him … Hope totally charmed him in her pretty pink dress, he said, “children like her just make you feel broody”, which once in my life I might have taken as a chat up line, but now I know it is just because my daughter is gorgeous … so I asked him to play a tune for her and told him what we sang together in hospital when she was first born … well the few lines I could ever remember of it anyway … he smiled, we stood at the side and watched a couple of middle aged (yes I know I am but they looked older than me …) romantics dancing and then it was our turn.
Slowly the lights twinkled and turned, I held her oh so tight and kissed her perfect little head and just beamed … she nuzzled in close to me and yes, sentimental eeedjit that I am, I brimmed over with pride and love and slowly swayed in my grubby white linen trousers in circles round the now empty dance floor oblivious of looking a total wazzock … just she and I, me and my Hope …

“Love me tender, Love me true, tum ti tum ti tum …

You have made my life complete, tum ti tum ti tum …”

and she has … and I’m sure nobody will ever dance a last dance loving her as deeply as I do right now… poor Hope, what chance does she have of sanity with a mother like me … and I haven’t even begun to tell you about the spoon incident or the high chair or lucnh with an old friend or the hytrangeas or the swing band in Fowey or Bill Hailey or the handsome waiter and the charming maitre d’ or lovely little Lucy or the storm …

for now I’m just drifting off to bed so full of joy to have danced (in our own happy little bubble) with Hope… she’s fast asleep with a little smile on her face clearly thinking the same thing … or perhaps plotting her own Karaoke party for 3am!

As Jane’s beautiful poem for Hope ends …



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