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Ow Ow Ow

August 27, 2012

bloody teeth … or to be more precise bloody lack of teeth … poor poor Hope … she’s so brave frantically sucking her fist and her thumb and making a funny kiss mouth shape and intensely licking her gums whilst drooling pools and pools of dribble. She sleeps and cries out in her sleep it is heart breaking …

anyway, bloody teeth … I suspect I’ll be wishing she didn’t have them when they do appear as breast feeding will become a perilous exercise (I imagine) but right now I’m wishing they were here so as to ease her pain. Bonjela and Dentinox don’t seem to come close for her other than initial relief (and she loves chewing and waving the Bonjela tube!!) but Teetha granules last a bit longer and chewing my finger does the trick too … you’d think we’d evolve to find a way to cut teeth painlessly …

ho hum

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