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September 12, 2012

After much thought, and also much prompting from friends I’ve decided to try to ‘do more’ with my ramblings and my writing …

I already write for the Cambridge News … a special section of their online publication which is called Hope and Dreams now appears in the paper (and sister publications) from time to time as well on the paper, and I’ve been asked on a few occasions now to speak to the BBC about being a ‘geriatric’ or ‘older’ first time mother. I’ve always enjoyed writing and have been flabbergasted that anyone would actually be interested in what I write, but miraculously, it seems that people are. So, if I’m to have any chance at making any kind of a living out of word-smithery it seems that I need to blow my own trumpet more, and encourage (beg / plead) my readers … ie you … to help.

To that end, please can you, if you don’t mind, do a couple of things:

1 – share the blog with other people

2 – encourage everyone you know in publishing to give me a huge advance on a book deal

3 – go to my new blog Facebook page and click ‘Like’ and then encourage your friends to do the same

4 – let me know if you hear about any discussions on the radio or in the media about being an ‘older’ mother

5 – encourage everyone you know in publishing to give me a huge advance on a book deal (incase you missed point 2)

6 – throw any small scraps of freelance work you might have or know about my way as I still need to pay the mortgage and all the bills while I’m on my way to the massive book deal … here’s me on LinkedIn … I’m happy to do social media work, research, writing, marketing, PR … mainly from behind a computer screen but in person (with a small side kick for the time being at least) as and when needed … short term contracts, once off pieces of work, retainers …

7 – follow my blog … there is a button on the top right side, apparently it looks good to have lots of followers on a blog!!!

8 – comment on posts, it cheers me up when I’m tired and makes me proud and happy to think that people read what I write… and if you do want to share posts please feel free … can’t believe I’m saying that but I am …

Thank you for your help, your support and, well, just bothering to stop by and read our story and my mush brained ramblings.

Hope says thank you too.

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  1. September 12, 2012 5:48 am

    Awesome job on this post! Sometimes it’s hard to be explicit about what you need – you’ve laid it out so well here!

  2. September 12, 2012 6:26 pm

    Nice job. I know the BBC came my way recently and I put them in your direction! X

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