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Separation anxiety

September 26, 2012

Her not me … delayed … she was happy all evening (post child minder and radio debate) and seemed to settle ok but then woke up again about 20 minutes later reaching up for me, then same thing again, and again, and again until I finally gave in and fed her in bed beside me … she fell asleep, I tried to put her back into her cot, she woke up, same again … then she fell asleep beside me and I tried to roll away as I was afraid of squashing her … when I was about 4 inches away a howl erupted and she lurched towards me …


the only way she would sleep was holding onto my skin or kind of dream feeding but right up next to me … spent the latter part of the night too afraid to move … she finally fell asleep properly at 5.30am and slept til 8.30 while I lay there stock still!

So … I am wearing dark glasses this morning and she is looking at me now in a, “so, what do you need sleep for?” kind of a way…

lovely that she wants to be close to me and I cherish every minute, however I hope we both get a little tiny bit more sleep tonight! I also hope that she feels less separation anxiety in the night the next time she goes to the child minder.

Wasn’t cross with her, sang her songs to calm her down … in an odd sort of way a very intimate and emotional night for us both …but all of team Hope look a bit worse for wear this morning!

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  1. September 26, 2012 2:25 pm

    Oh boy! Well I hope you are both better rested tonight. She will settle down – how old is he now? About 9 months? Classic time for separation anxiety! X.

  2. September 29, 2012 3:30 pm

    It will get

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