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Hi cutie

October 16, 2012

Yesterday evening I was walking Hope in her ‘stroller’ (yes I am becoming American) around the shore (told you) path on Balboa Island … it was beautiful, dolphins playing in the wake of the sail boats (ok sorry I’ll stop soon) and huge sealions sitting on a yacht barking as the sun went down … it was lovely. We were just back from our second whale watching trip (nope no whales but about 1000, and I’m not exaggerating, dolphins), we were relaxed, happy and Hope was chatting away to her feet (they now spend most of their time in her mouth)… people were jogging past us in a very tidy American way (they jog more neatly somehow than English joggers) wearing their hair in swingy pony tails, with full make up on and perfectly unsweaty running kit. We were very happy.

Then a handsome chap jogged past, did that jogging on the spot thing and turned and jogged backwards and said, “Hi cutie”. I flushed slightly at the compliment and was about to respond with a coy smile (as if?!) when I realised that he was looking at Hope and was totally oblivious to the aged crone that was pushing her … she beamed up at him, he waved and before I could thank him was gone! Then a lady did the same … infact everywhere I go out here we get stopped and Hope gets exclaimed over with a barrage of “cute baby”, “Ohh man”, “hey cutie pie”, “she’s just GORGGGGeous”, “ohh precious”,  “what’s your name honey” (as if she could answer that) and so on and so on … also people wave at her constantly … she generally waves back which leads us to the “how old is she?” question and so on … it makes going anywhere in a hurry rather tricky!

I don’t mind being invisible at all, infact I love the way people compliment her, but it does amuse me … it’s only when the age and her name questions are asked that their eyes fleetingly take me in and then there’s generally an, “Oh she’s yours” look or comment before they look back again. It does make America seem more friendly than it can be at times… and much as I loathe the word cute I am proud of my girl and it makes me smile when people wander off chatting to each other, “My did you see that adoorrrrable baby”.

Several people have said she should be the next Gerber baby … that meant nothing to me but I looked it up online and it seems to be some kind of iconic American advertising baby, a bit like the Pears soap baby in England.
I’ve had other people suggesting she find an actor’s agent or a model agency or that I send pictures of her to one brand or other … I don’t think that’s really for us gorgeous though she is … and I’d be hard pressed to find a brand that I would allow her to be associated with … maybe the face of dolphin watching or the face of avocado …

Anyway, all is well, we’re both relaxed and happy, she has (inspite of being covered in layers of thick gloopy Organic Children suncream) picked up a bit of a sunny golden glow and has little white bits in the folds in her wrists, elbows and thighs. Hope’s hair has gone more fair and she has developed a kind of laid back attitude to everything; lolling with one foot up leaning on the side of the high chair as she eats her water melon in the morning for breakfast.

Playing in the Pacific with Auntie Clare

Hope loves the ocean and the swimming pool, I’m sure she is part dolphin … she giggles gleefully when dunked in the ocean surf and kicks and waves and then when she is in the pool and I swim up and down she rides on my tummy looking around from under her sun hat and splashing the water with her hands.
I feel a bit more like ‘me’ again in a way that I haven’t for a long time now, although I do feel very tired alot of the time … and I have eaten more Mexican food than if I’d been in Mexico City itself.

Hope has a few new phrases which she either shouts or almost sings very quietly, the most wonderful one being “Ging ging ging ging gang gang gang gang” … she uses that when she is examining a piece of cheese or when she is grinning up having a nappy change or when she is examining her current favourite toy (Farrell) and holding its tail….and and and … she still has no teeth.. but she does have a pair of her own sunglasses … she’s finally getting used to her BabyBanz and gets even more second glances and adoring looks when she is wearing them than usual.

Hope isn’t just adorable, cute, precious and gorgeous … she is a miraculously beautiful contented little soul and I have never felt more blessed. Right, now it’s time to go to the restroom and then take a shower before heading up the freeway to San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano to look at the missions there.

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  1. October 22, 2012 11:30 am

    Hope is absolutely edible and I am not surprised she is stopping the traffic so to speak! I hope your visit to look at the missions was good.xx

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