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Normal service resumed

October 19, 2012

OK OK sorry – I’ve stopped the indulgent navel gazing … although it did nearly break me getting the push chair down the slope to get to the lovely little inlet at Laguna at a place called Treasure Island Cove yesterday … but we made it and Hope grinned all the way and then had a lovely time being bounced in the ripples of the waves … she sulked all the way back up the hill and then looked at me and chortled (she did) when she saw the sweaty mess that had been pushing her when we reached the top of the hill!

She also loved spending time while I was spending too much money (and at the moment I literally have virtually none) in the amazing Whole Foods shop … they gave her a piece of courgette to nosh while she sat in the trolley which she loved and she tried a free sample of some fancy juice before being called a “Cupie Doll” (I have to look that up), and a Cabbage Patch doll (apparently a compliment over here) and then by the handsome chap by the door quite the most precious baby … she is … and all my tired weary grumbling yesterday is nothing compared to the joy and lightness she brings to me.

Right then … English work to do and with any luck the sun will stay out and the breeze will pick up for our cliff walk later this afternoon … we’re not going anywhere far today, and didn’t yesterday but tonight we have to go to a ‘Favourite Things’ party where we have to take 3 of our favourite thing … there’s only one Hope so I’m not allowed her as mine … she is taking a BabyBelle cheese and a small cucumber, I shall take a miniature margarita x 3 and Auntie Clare is taking a cocktail shaker. I’m quite nervous, these LA types are all so flawless in their make up, their toe nails, shiney coiffed hair and manicured elegant hands … but I know everyone will only be looking at Hope so I think I can get away with my British bad teeth and my smudged eyeliner!

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  1. Linda permalink
    October 19, 2012 9:28 pm

    Look up Kewpie Doll… eldest daughter (now aged 40) had one and all that remains is the head, which is ceremoniously displayed on top of a little stick on the chest of drawers on the landing 🙂

  2. October 23, 2012 11:11 am

    Wow it still sounds like you are having an amazing time and seeing and doing so much! Keep posting – it’s nice to know the sun is shining where you are – it is heavy, damp old fog here right now!xxx

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