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Pearly white

October 30, 2012

It’s official … and now confirmed by her Godmother too; Hope has a tooth… a tiny tiny little tooth which has taken almost 10 months to reach the surface has at last broken through.

I felt it first or thought I did on two days ago on Sunday evening when I was feeding her, then touched what felt harder but I wasn’t sure… then this morning she let Clare feel and sitting outside now eating our fresh avocado on toast with a side of watermelon I have just seen it.

Hurrah for Hope … and I say that knowing how much pain she’s suffered and tolerated over the last 4 or 5  months since before her first Les Dawson old lady gum sucking sad grin back in June … she has started on the toothy grin era and hopefully for her eating solids will be easier though she has very successfully mastered the art of gumming the flesh off red peppers and cucumbers and the juice out of pieces of meat. I feel a little whimsical thinking it is the end of the gummy era … until she’s old and doddery but it’s unlikely I’ll be around to see that. My baby girl is growing up … I wonder how many times people have said that and how many times I’ll feel it over the coming years.

So – that’s it for now … hurrah for Hope and her first tooth (front bottom left) … let the brushing commence.

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