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November 9, 2012

Feeling a little anxious along with very excited about getting up at about 6am (before I’d even have gone to bed in California time) to head to London for the #MumsNetBlogFest … it won’t be a whole load of frumpy middle aged women with biros being odd about not sharing with one another as I had once suspected this kind of event to be. If the BritMums conference Hope and I went to earlier in the year is anything to go by then it will be a gathering of brilliantly inspiring people eager to share, to learn and to celebrate each other’s achievements … no pinafores amongst them (well mine perhaps) … and all sorts of marvellous speakers and goodie bags better than you can possibly imagine!

So, before then the 6am wake up call, I have to convince little Miss Jetlag to get some sleep, find something to wear (with flipflops which seem to be all I can find since I got back), pack her bag, pack my small bag, get some sleep, feed her, sleep more, have a bath, wash her, feed her, feed me and get to the station to head to London … train in just under 12 hours … easy …


Right then, where is the iron? Maybe crumpled is in for Autumn Winter 2012.


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