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clearly a child prodigy

November 14, 2012

I hate to say it as I know I’ll invoke the wrath of all the other mothers but my girl is clearly the brightest that there ever was … infact she’s a child prodigy.

Brilliant… quite brilliant … every day she looks eagerly round at the world and seems to take everything in sitting up, leaning forward and grasping details with an avid curiosity, she has also learnt to mimic actions; clapping, blowing kisses (well sort of), washing her hands, splashing, touching noses, touching ears and now she has started to respond to instruction … surely the most advanced of children.

Mummy: “Hope can you clap your hands?”

Hope: “ahhhhh” clap clap clap (open palms making proper clappy noises)

and I didn’t clap mine first … and she did it for her father two days ago as well … he hadn’t seen her for ages because we’d been away in California and he came round to Hope’s Granby’s house for supper and was playing hide and seek behind 3 cartons of goat milk and then hid behind them and told Hope to clap. She did … he was forced to come out of hiding to recover from the surprise.

Hope now automatically claps when I start to sing, “If you’re happy and you know it”, something she doesn’t do to other tunes.

She is also learning how to get out of straps, she’s twice managed to escape from the straps on her pushchair, managed it several times in the States from her buggy and tonight worked out how to release an arm from her high chair restraints …

and so on and so forth …

I know I’m lucky, it moves me to tears just to look at her asleep sometimes or to hear her funny little breathy laugh or to watch the precise way she uses her thumb and forefinger to pincer movement on a piece of avocado or a tiny crumb.

Hope knows her name now and responds when someone calls it out and, well, I don’t need to go on, I’m sure everyone else is awed, just as I am, by her brilliance.

Hurrah for Hope … that’s all.

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