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A flurry of activity

November 20, 2012

Funny old thing time, when we were in California it seemed to stretch happily off down a long sunny beach. Minutes lasted an age and days went on for ever … odd really, often when you are happy and relaxed, time flies … but somehow not there for me…

We’ve been back in England two weeks and the time has flown. We seem to have done so so much and nothing all at once. I still haven’t unpacked; all my summer clothes are looking crossly at me from the suitcase in the corner, I haven’t been through all my post, I haven’t spoken to all the people I should have spoken to, I haven’t sorted out my bushy eyebrows nor scraped the thick revolting layers of dead skin from my feet and nor have I unearthed my winter boots and coat from the attic. I was going to say that on the surface I appear serene and calm and below the water I’m paddling like mad to keep up but I don’t think the words ‘serene and calm’ have ever applied to me! On the surface I appear slightly tanned and look tired and do feel much calmer but the same is not true below the surface!!

So … we’ve been to the bloggy mummy conference and I’ve been to several work related meetings both on and offline, we both went to London to be filmed for a TV pilot for Sky TV which was interesting but made me realise I’m a radio or writing kind of person rather than an infront of the camera kind of girl although Hope was a perfect TV star, she seemed to know when to smile, when to turn away and generally cheered and charmed every one of the lovely Lion TV crew… at the end of the day having grinned our way through my hair and make up (they did work wonders defeating the bags under my eyes!!) Hope and I both burst into tears in the corridor outside the studio on our way home … she cheered up quickly, it took me a glass of red wine and some pasta before I felt better. We have also had to go to a funeral … always sad but this one very difficult as of a special relation we all thought the world of. We’ve been to the doctor for Hope’s check (now 16lbs 7 oz – ten months) and for my smear, which as previously mentioned was a disaster from the whole, “Maybe your cervix has moved” perspective; this led to a weekend of pain and almost a trip to A&E but fear of being admitted kept me from going and another GP sorted it all out on Monday relatively painlessly and extremely quickly. Turns out the issue wasn’t my extreme age and a saggy pelvic floor just that the nurse the other day must have caught me with the clamp thing … ouch but all sorted out now.

We’ve been shopping for a breast pump (new) and a travel cot and cot for home (second-hand), we’ve spent ages eating (or rather I’ve spent ages sitting with Hope while she waves bits of toast, spaghetti, chorizo, avocado and all kinds of other foodstuffs), and I’ve spent hours trying at night to soothe away the very terrible pain she’s felt from teething. I’ve written a paragraph contribution to a book about motherhood and I’ve written a piece for the wonderful Older Mum website, I’ve been for a few walks, spent time with Hope’s father, with her precious Granby (who is indeed has magical powers over her grand-daughter)

and a particularly pleasing evening with one of her Godmothers who makes a mean margarita and some very tasty pasta pesto. On top of all this has been the washing, cleaning, nappy changing and also happy happy time spent playing with my girl, oh and a 3 hour long board meeting and now tonight a 2 hour long church meeting … so … no wonder I’m feeling a bit jaded.

Hope is asleep now, she’s had a difficult day, she had horrid tooth pain in the night and today (having spent a mere 3 hours with her child minder 2 1/2 months ago) went to the childminder for the first time since we got back … happy to start with, then a walk, then asleep and then she cried for over an hour … when I arrived after 3 1/2 hours apart it felt like a physical blow to have the door opened by a very very unhappy Hope (well not by her obviously but her slightly strained looking, usually very calm and happy, childminder) … then it took about 2 hours to restore her normal good humour once we got home. I’d expressed a bottle of milk (breast pumps aaaggghhhh and ouch) which she’d refused … when we got home she wolfed the lot down, ate a piece of avocado on toast and then happily snuffled away breastfeeding for half an hour before falling into a deep sleep. Next week she’s meant to be there for a whole day, I’m really not sure that’s going to be able to happen … maybe 5 hours .. build up gradually …

So, not all glitz and glamour on the home front!!

Maybe a quick snooze before she wakes up …

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  1. Linda permalink
    November 20, 2012 10:25 pm

    Ellie, my daughter recommends Ashton & Parsons teething powders. Might be worth a try.

    • November 28, 2012 12:15 am

      thanks Linda … I’ve had several people suggest A&P … I need to find them x

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