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and all at once

November 24, 2012

she was sick … poor little soul …


cough (on chest nasty cough)

sneezing (balloons and streams coming out)




upset tummy


and for the first time ever she has nappy rash

poor poor bunny

… and giving her Calpol is harder than the hardest hard thing, she hates it, we’ve tried every way and asked advice but nothing works she absolutely goes bonkers … not just Calpol but brufem, Boots own brand and so on … next stop which I want to avoid is suppositories apparently.

Taking her out for a bundled up walk all snug and warm in her pram or pushchair, but I can see the resentment in her eyes, “mother why won’t you make this stop?”, “Why did we leave California?” … but she is comforted constantly by her Granby who she shares a special greeting with, they touch fingers in the manner of ET and they both grin their secret just for each other smile … and she saw Auntie Clare on Skype which caused her to try to dive into the computer…

a moment of relaxation with Granby

but right now she is pale and fed up and very grumbly … not sleeping much and I also have a bit of a bug so we’re both a bit fed up but we did have a sleep this morning from 8 – 10am and then a warm bath together and now she’s ready for another snooze. Looking after a poorly little person is hard enough but doing it when you yourself feel like death warmed up is a challenge indeed … hats off to all parents I say.

Roll on recovery!

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