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Eleven months old

December 6, 2012

Hope was eleven months old today (well I see now we’re past midnight, but it was 5th December when I started writing this) … bless her and celebrated by chatting and singing with her toy boy and boyfriend the lovely Alfie while his mother and I had a meeting (and cake). Then she came home and had curry with her precious Granby and I, when I say curry I mean it, she ate all the chicken and alot of spinach and ate with such relish …

Other than that she’s spent the day very cheerful and exploring new sounds … blowing raspberries (I blame my brother for showing me how to distract babies by doing this when she was very tiny … I did it today and sure enough she looked but then spent the rest of the day beaming and making disgustingly cheerful farty sounding noises and giggling gleefully. Hope also played with her Granby for an hour in the sitting room, and when I went in to settle her and tidy up we kissed all her toys goodnight, and she did, she lent forward and made a “mwa” sound when I put each one near her, but with Red Rum she kissed him and then beamed as she buried her face in his mane and hugged him and then threw him across the floor aiming for the toy box (my old Moses basket) just as I had done with the other toys.
She’s also taken to shaking hands and to reaching far far forward, flopping onto her tummy and picking up crumbs and specs of dust.
Last month we spent her 10 month birthday watching dolphins in glorious sunshine and sitting on a beach before flying home, this month we both bundled up in hats, gloves and Hope in a particularly fetching pink gillet / padded waistcoat thing and a lovely hooded cardigan. I had stupidly forgotten her gloves and she did get cross as her tiny fingers got cold and she refused to put them under the cover … but we warmed up and had a very happy time, if a little more chilly than a month earlier!
Almost exactly this time last year, I was involved in an incident in a taxi which a few days later led to my little Spaniard stopping moving inside me and a very distressing few weeks in and out of hospital being monitored and reviewed, scanned and examined … it was terrifying wondering if having managed (against all the odds) to get that far I was to loose my baby at the last hurdle … thankfully I didn’t and The Spaniard started moving again equally suddenly after almost 3 weeks of floating inertly in its fluidy lair. That feels a million years ago and yesterday … everyone says, “Enjoy her she’ll grow up so fast”, and in one sense that is true, the last 10 months have gone so fast, but in another sense I have relished every moment of time I have spent with my girl … and the pride and the absolute love I feel for her grow stronger by the day. My mother always wonders why we can’t see her grow … we can’t, but grow she has and although still small for her age against the national curves she has put on over 10lbs since then and is the most engaging, happy, laid back, interested little soul you could hope to meet. I’m taking her to the Health Visitor tomorrow to get her weighed, it always makes me feel a bit nervous but I know she’s doing really well but I do feel a little apprehensive when she is lain on the scales and we log her weight in the little Red Book against the curve.
This last week Hope has got her appetite back with a vengeance, she has relished squid and chorizo, pieces of steak and tiny slices of duck, chunks of chicken and all sorts of vegetables, she’s even had yoghurt from a spoon, she grabs for the food and does one of two things; either stuffs it straight in and then pulls it out to examine it before putting it back in again, or examines it minutely before pushing it into her mouth. Sometimes she drops things or opens her mouth to speak and a bit falls out and then she hunts it down if it is reachable or looks over the side of her chair and says something very like, “uh oh” and looks for the next bit of food. She even took some cheese and cucumber from her child minder on Tuesday (she also spent 7 hours there and enjoyed it … I missed her terribly of course but did get alot of work done), a big breakthrough was that she has had two bottles of expressed milk something she’s refused since the day of her Christening back in May. She has been to meetings, met up with 4 of her Godparents, had a look around the British Museum and been on several trains sitting proudly upright on a seat beside mine eating her breadstick and looking out of the window.
Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting a baby, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge should now that there will always be only one Cambridge baby really and that’s Hope!! We wish them well and hope and pray that the grim sickness and I’m sure overwhelming media pressure doesn’t jeopardise the pregnancy, and of course having a perfect princess of my own I’ll be watching to see how theirs develops a little over a year younger than my girl.
Right now she’s asleep in her stripy pyjamas having brushed her tiny milky white teeth and drifted off full of curry washed down with breastmilk…
Happy 11 months little girl … by the time you’re 12 months you’ll have had a Christmas and we’ll be in a whole new year but I’m not wishing a single second away .. tired though I am and very concerned about work and so on, I have never felt more deeply contented than I do now … and however up and down things get I always always smile when I see her and feel overwhelmed every time she breaks into her sudden and wonderful grin. The lady, that came over to us in a restaurant in London on Monday evening while we were getting ready to leave Hope’s first Christmas office party (a wonderful meal in Smithys near Kings Cross). said that she thought Hope was THE (and she emphasised the THE) most beautiful, relaxed and happy baby she’d ever seen and so well-behaved … I was the proudest mother in the world at that point, I know it but it meant so much for someone else that had watched her for a couple of hours … a total stranger thought the same and wanted to tell me.
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  1. Roger Darlington permalink
    December 7, 2012 7:29 pm

    I feel a birthday coming on! Another wonderful milestone …. You must be doing something right, Ellie. Love you and Hope

    • December 7, 2012 9:54 pm

      bless you Roger thank you … you’ve been a constant part of our journey, and Hope was playing with Old Macdonald earlier this evening …

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