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Being a writer …

December 9, 2012

I’ve been very proud recently to be asked to contribute to several publications (both on and offline) … I was thrilled to be asked, felt very cautious about writing for ‘somewhere else’ … somehow here it just flows, it’s me … but for another site, publication or book … yoikes.

The first to approach me was Sarah from Older Mum  a wonderful and widely visited and respected UK based resource for, well, for older mothers and people thinking about becoming one or just wanting to know more about the experience, so it was a huge honour to be asked to contribute to her site. This is my piece

Then having set up the Facebook page for the blog, I was approached by Cyma, the creator of Nurture  in the USA, “a collection of stories, told through photos and words, of women from across the country who chose motherhood after 40”. She manages a marvellous website, a blog and a travelling exhibition and I really was absolutely delighted to be asked especially as this brings my waffle, sorry writing, to an American audience.
This is my piece I’m also delighted that I have been invited to contribute regularly to Mothering In the Middle.

Something else I was most chuffed to be involved in has been the soon to be published 100 Little Words On Parenthood by the fabulous Charlie Plunkett … it was a real challenge trying to condense my thoughts on our journey into something meaningful and only 100 words long and I hugely enjoyed writing my piece. You’ll have to wait til the book comes out to see it!

It has been a very enjoyable challenge trying to find the correct voice for these publications, just as it was when I was first asked to do a radio interview … a bit of me thinks, “nobody will be interested in what I have to say”, but, surprisingly (to me), it seems that quite a few people are … so while the opportunities keep coming, I’ll keep on writing and talking .. who knows where the journey might go (daydreams about JK Rowling type lifestyle and massive book deal). The most unexpected request came just yesterday from a national British newspaper … not one of the broadsheets but one of the most widely read publications in the country, I did think twice but decided that I’d be naive and foolish not to take up the opportunity.

I said no to a magazine a few months back, it was the kind of “my neighbour married my dog then ran off with my dentist before turning into an alien” publication and I felt it really wasn’t the right place for us … they wanted to run a ‘heart warming story’ about being an old mother but a flick through the magazine on a Smiths bookshelf told me it was more likely to be more of the “aged crone has baby shocker” kind of interpretation, hence I said (politely), no thank you.

Funny old world … I wonder at what point I can start saying to people who ask what I do, “I’m a writer” … I’ve got the spectacles and overtired eyes to prove it!


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  1. Linda permalink
    December 9, 2012 12:39 pm

    A friend became a ‘writer and author’ in her late fifties……so hang on in there!

  2. December 17, 2012 8:14 pm

    Wow – you have been a busy lady indeed! I’ve submitted some pieces for Charlie Plunkett’s book too! :o). X. Have a lovely Christmas lovely lady – it’s Hope’s first one!

    • December 17, 2012 9:20 pm

      been flat out to be honest and working and all the rest of it … not quite sure which way is up at the moment but so looking forward to Christmas morning!!! Huge hug to you lovely one and thank you for the kindness and support you’ve show over this year x

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