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How do you define the word minimum?

December 26, 2012


that was the question part of the joke in my Christmas cracker … and the answer made me chuckle.

A very personal and lovely day, just Hope, her Granby and I … a really wonderful service this morning and singing carols was as joyful and special as I had believed it would be and Hope looked positively resplendent in her red tights, red dress, red vest, red cardigan and little knitted red hat with a green knitted leaf on the top … I thought she looked like a holly berry but on reflection I think she looked like a cheerful tomato, only not so cheerful at first due to Father Christmas stuffing up the order for two front teeth and bringing them today … rivers of drool bless her.

So, once I’d wiped my eyes after hearing the harmony and descant in the ‘Hail the heaven born Prince of peace’ verse of Hark the Herald, I just sat down, last year it all seemed like an impossible dream and there I was having been to church with my mother and my daughter … something to give such huge thanks for and even more reason to celebrate. Her father sadly was unable to be with us for Christmas as he was with his family down south.

We popped round after church to see my neighbours which was fun – they are two of the most delightful funny thoughtful people I know and have done so much for me over the years and the joy they have in Hope makes my heart sing. After we left then we stopped off to ‘see’ my father … and left some Christmas leaves and berries adorning his grave, it always seems very right to do that and gives me a sense of calm.

Then we came home and found that the Christmas tree had fallen over, it was impossible to sort out so we got the neighbour’s twin sons to come round … it took them nearly half an hour to get it back up again and then I had to rehang all the decorations … all of which meant that lunch became early supper!!! I realised that I am after all able to multi task and somehow got lunch ready, cooked, served, looked after Hope and Granby … we ate late and Hope enjoyed Christmas crackers and Brussels sprouts with her turkey before turning her attention to trying to carry off the table cloth trick…

an elderly friend came round for pudding … I love Christmas pudding … and then we all sank infront of the television and watched Call the Midwife, a joyful life affirming programme and Downton Abbey (mother enjoyed it I find it a little contrived somehow but easy viewing after a long day turkey cooking) … Hope played on her blanket on the floor and it was only at about 9.30 I realised we hadn’t opened a single present … Hope then opened a marvellous gift from one of her Godmother’s and spent half an hour happily playing with the wrapping paper. She was fascinated tearing it off the box and then peering inside to look at the pictures of wooden animals on the inside of the box … aside from the service this morning, this was the highlight of my day. I don’t think I really ever need any other present, the joy and pride I felt watching Hope open her first Christmas present was very incredible and special.

So, sitting here now, gone 1am with a restless little person in her bed and pondering a very busy week ahead. Hurrah … pantomimes, cousins, nephews, walks … lots more firsts and adventures for my girl … and in the morning some presents to open!!


Oh and the answer to that cracker joke .. remember? What’s the definition of minimum?

answer … A very small mother .. get it … mini mum …

oh whatever it made me laugh …

I always find Christmas makes me dwell a little on those no longer with us but this year having Hope by my side had me looking into the future.

Merry Christmas

get it … a mini mum … tee hee!!!

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