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My talented child

January 14, 2013

OK OK I know I said that the blog was going to revert to me … I’m rubbish it’s only taken one entry and my utter fascination for my girl to want to blurt out a whole wealth of joy in her new achievements.

She can shuffle on her bottom across the room, no walking yet or crawling but using a mixture of rolling and shuffling she can get about and she is so so pleased with herself. Having said that she is still happiest when sitting examining a spec of dust or looking over and over again at the pages of ‘That’s not my penguin’ or waving her wooden spoon … she is most definitely an analyst.

Hope has also started to drink from a cup by herself, a funny looking Tommy Tippy cup with a straw thing poking out of the top. Her little friend Evie was drinking out of one the other day and so later that evening I tried again with Hope’s previously discarded cup. I drank from it first just to show her and bless her little cotton socks she took it from me, it’s almost the size of her head, and looked at the straw thing, she sucked a bit and then beamed and then she was off and drank about an inch of water. She still loves the doidy sideways cup but this new cup seems to give her a real sense of achievement.

Proud mother…

oh and she is also totally absorbed by reading … I bought a new book last week and she picked it up and just started flicking through the pages (all writing) and being so careful … it made me smile to see.

She has (while I’m at it) also taken to the plastic toy my brother gave her for Christmas and when it has spun round and stopped she pulls the yellow ball from the top and grins up at me waving it into my hand, I put it on again, press down and the garish toy spins round and Hope claps with delight!

Any music has her dancing and even the sound of clapping on the radio makes her look up and rock side to side in her seat or on the floor … I sense a musician in the making.

Right that’s it … the only thing to say about me is that I’m having to zoom the computer words in as my eyes are so tired I am struggling to see properly! Other than that all is good, and we enjoyed a wonderful walk in the snow this afternoon, it felt like pushing a small igloo along rather than a push chair; the snow was coming down so heavily. She wasn’t quite sure what to make of the snow … reaching up to it and then blinking it off her eyelashes before deciding she didn’t like it… she did then fall asleep in the little cocoon of her pushchair all covered up and looking so serene in her sleep … well as serene as it is possible to look in a pink fluffy snow suit with bear ears … sounds absurd but it is so perfect for this weather and was kindly given to us by one of the ladies at playgroup whose granddaughter had grown out of it.

Time to go and clear up the noodles and sweep the floor downstairs … baby led weaning is wonderful and she and I enjoy meal times but it does take a bit of clearing up afterwards!!

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