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anything you can do …

February 10, 2013

she can do better!!!

Yup Hope is learning fast … words, actions, instructions AND blowing raspberries on my tummy … after she’d had her early breakfast snack this morning she looked up and me, then lent over and blew one right in the middle of my tummy and then chortled and went on with her feeding!!!

After we’d had breakfast she was sitting up in her highchair and put both arms forward and said, “row row” … she wanted to sing Row Row Row the Boat … a song she’s heard in play group and that Granby has sung to her and that I’ve been singing since she was tiny … she’s done that a few times now and got as far as row row row boooooood … which makes my eyes brim up and my heart swell with pride. She can now make the diamond shape with her hands during the middle of twinkle twinkle and if she wants me to start singing it she does the finger wiggle wave to indicate the start twinkling.

What a wonderful start to a grey cold Sunday.

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