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teeth …

February 18, 2013

Teeth numbers four and five appeared through her top gums last night … poor little soul was beside herself … didn’t want any thing to drink didn’t want to feed just kept thrashing around in her little bed, even when I held her she still just wailed.

We tried teething granules and in the end gave up with trying to sleep and just sat and sang songs together which stopped the tears, then finally after a small sleep she woke at 5 and started hitting her gum with her hand and then chomped hard on one of her little hard board books and some blood came and then there were two teeth poking through … and then finally she was ravenous and fed and fed and fed … and then eventually, we both slept.

Not looking at our best this morning but she really seemed to enjoy gnawing her toast and her blueberries this morning … and breast feeding left me feeling a little more tender than it usually does!

So – hurrah for teeth and I so hope the rest don’t cause her so much pain and trouble.

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