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100 little words on parenthood

February 19, 2013

I was really delighted to be asked to contribute to Charlie Plunkett’s latest project 100 little words on parenthood back in November 2012 … this morning I received a copy of the book in the post.

It is a marvellous collection of top tips, random mutterings, helpful insights and observations – each one no more than 100 words long on everything ‘parenthood’; from breastfeeding to nappies, grandparents to older mothers. When I first heard the idea I thought it might end up a little superficial but during the process of writing my (several) contributions of 100 little words I realised that you can say alot and the brevity of the medium makes it all the more impactful. The entries I’ve read so far have been funny, sad, moving, practical and well all very personal … I’ve ordered a copy for my mother and a copy for someone else very close to Hope and I.

It’s also great to be alongside so many familiar names and I’m particularly delighted that our dear friend and blogger extraordinaire Roger Darlington contributed to the book as well with 100 words on being a grandfather.

So … woo hoo … I’m really proud to be a part of such a wonderful tome and with Mothering Sunday on the horizon, and Father’s Day and, well, lots of birthdays coming up and just cos … I can see it being a joyfully received present as well.

Hurrah for Charlie, thank you for involving me in your lovely book and, I think I’ll just sit here for a while feeling rather proud and happy to be in print!

100 Little Words on Parenthood by Charlie Plunkett

100 Little Words on Parenthood by Charlie Plunkett

The book is available for Kindle and also (and in my old fashioned mind) most importantly in paperback form on Amazon.

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