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February 19, 2013


A few years ago I went to Madagascar to take photographs and to write about the work of the Kitchen Table Charities Trust and the projects they support there through the Madagascar Development Fund … having a little girl who has more than she needs to play with and has more clothes than she can possibly wear it makes me realise how little children in villages such as Tsratanana have and how very much can be done with just a little bit of money … I received photographs today of the new classroom which was built with money we helped to fund raise … I feel very humble to have been a part of helping to change lives in such a positive way … maybe Hope will go and visit the school in a few years time.

A Journey to Madagascar & Beyond

Thank you – a huge thank you to everyone who sponsored me on the trip to Madagascar a few years back … I sit here now the mother of my own little person (Hope now 13 months old) and it makes me realise how important these donations were and how very much we take for granted here in the UK… Hope will go to a primary school and will have books and shoes unlike so many of the children in Madagascar. I’d also like to thank St George’s Church in Chesterton for their support with fund raising and Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band member, Jake Clemons, for his love and his wonderful acoustic concert in Cambridge in aid of our fundraising effort.

I received the following email from Brian Donaldson the head of the Madagascar Development Fund (who were supported by Kitchen Table Charities Trust)

“Dear Ellie
After you and…

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