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Further to the last post

February 26, 2013

I’m doing it … something I haven’t done in over a year … I’m having a whole hour of total indulgence … lolling with my feet up and with a frozen coffee (yes I know it’s cold outside) and 4 chocolates and a book … all around me is washing up, there are clothes to sort and put away and upstairs a bathroom to clean and a mountain of paperwork to be done, work to find and thank you letters to write… BUT … I just needed to stop.

Looking after a little person pretty much entirely on your own is seriously hard work with no let up … a constant round of washing clothes and dishes, making meals and picking things up … not the kind of big jobs that leave you feeling a sense of achievement (well actually I adore hanging up small washing), but those day to day duties that never end … on top of everything else. So far I’ve kept on and on and on … but today with Hope safe and so very happy with her wonderful child minder just for an hour I am doing nothing … (I do feel guilty … but …)


So there! Off I go to loll …

oh maybe I’ll just check my emails first, and those small shoes need picking up … NO NO NO just go and loll … oh ok HURRAH for a stolen hour of lolling, maybe a book …

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  1. February 26, 2013 5:18 pm

    ok that failed dismally … washing mountain called me and then scrubbing bathroom … must try harder to loll next time Hope is with someone else … hey ho … now will be up all night finishing the bathroom!

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