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One bag or two?

March 1, 2013

Me to bloke in the farm shop: Morning, how are you?

Bloke in farm shop to me: Fine … you don’t seem quite yourself this morning

Me to bloke in the farm shop: A little weary, she woke up at just after midnight with something like night terrors or extreme teething and didn’t go back to sleep until almost 5am

Bloke in farm shop to me: Ahhh I thought. you looked completely and utterly exhausted

Me to bloke in the farm shop: (with a resigned sigh) Yesssss thanks

Yup, small person was wide awake person in the night last night … she settled quickly enough and then around midnight woke up and shrieked … except she wasn’t awake, just thrashing around in her sleep and screaming. I put my hand on her chest but that did nothing so I held her and she just sobbed and then I thought if I tried to feed her … she ate like a possessed thing (having had a good supper earlier so wasn’t hungry) and every time she stopped she howled. She eventually went to sleep but when I tried to put her back into bed the howling started, I lay beside her and that did nothing … eventually she woke up properly and kept hitting herself in the mouth and then would only lie down on her tummy or if feeding. The she seemed to settle and then another yelp … I ‘m not sure if it was night terrors, nightmares, a tummy ache, wind, teeth or something else but it was very distressing and went on and on and on … she finally went heavily to sleep at just before 5 on her tummy (which meant I lay there watching to check she was ok as babies aren’t meant to sleep on their tummies …) Then she woke up at 8 and we got up as she seemed hungry…

Fine and jolly as usual this morning and now having a huge nap, I’ve been working but am now seeing double and am about to have a meeting which isn’t good. Poor little girl, I so hope it isn’t the same tonight.

So … slightly choppy waters around the good shop Hope at the moment and next time I go out it will be with a bag on my head … maybe two incase the first one breaks … fancy looking ‘completely and utterly exhausted’ must be my age!

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