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Just another day

March 4, 2013

I was about to say nothing of note has happened in the last few days; the disrupted sleep continues (wretched teeth … lots poking through now and a bit of a cold), piles of laundry (teething seems to increase buttock action – hence more laundry), hours sitting sharing meals together, walks in the cold, walks in the sun, walks in the rain, meetings … all much of a muchness, but then I reflected on it and so much has happened.

Hope’s started to shout “Wheeeeeeeee” not just when I push her on the swings and she closes her eyes, her whole face crumples into a grin and she leans back and shouts it, but when I knock my head on the kitchen hanging lamp and it wobbles on its cable, when she waves nappy wipes, when she rolls her little pink football or pushes over her wooden milkbottles … she beams and she giggles and she shouts “Wheeee” even when she sees the bath plug swinging … it is wonderful.

She has also gone off broccoli and continues to wolf down raspberries coating her fingers, face, clothes, surfaces with red … she has also started insisting on feeding herself with a spoon in a meticulous fashion so our already lengthy meals now go on and on and on, which is fine, I love watching her utter absorption in the task at hand and then her pleasure as she slurps tomato, raspberry, yoghurt, pesto (she spoon fed herself half a pot of farm shop pesto the other night) … and she really likes water and drinks out of most containers now.

So, it was only tiredness on my part thinking everything was ticking along, it isn’t it is changing constantly and minutely and that makes me proud and happy. Her crawling isn’t high speed as yet, and my Hope proofing of two houses continues. She has become accustomed to sitting in her castle; my old play pen, I fill it with favourite toys and books and then let her play on the floor, she has a little potter about and then crawls over and points to what’s inside so I lift her up and put her in and she plays happily … I’m sure it won’t last long once she realises the true joy of the adventure of moving but for now it helps give me some time to dash about and do chores.

Right then, we were out earlier this evening and when we got back she was fast asleep in her car seat … I decided against risking waking her so bought the seat in and have left her in it … now I want to go to bed I’m having a dilemma about the best thing to do … leave her sleeping happily in it until she wakes up for a feed or wake her and feed her … let sleeping babies lie is a motto several people have told me … hmmm will see what happens when I have brushed my teeth and put pyjamas on and then decide … all these little dilemmas are of no consequence to so many people but when you’re a new mother they are sometimes huge dilemmas.

Lets hope at least the pink cheeks of teething have eased and the pain has subsided for her.

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  1. March 4, 2013 10:17 pm

    ha … just as I clicked send a small voice called from the bedroom, that’s tonight’s dilemma solved!

  2. March 5, 2013 4:19 pm

    Every day is special for you and Hope. Love to you both from Uncle Roger before Vee and I leave home for a month’s travelling.

  3. March 5, 2013 4:46 pm

    Thanks Roger have a wonderful time and lets get together when you get back … lots of travelling stories to hear : )

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