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Mothering Sunday

March 10, 2013

Happy Mothering Sunday … Happy Mother’s Day …

in England today is Mothering Sunday … a day that’s become a little Hallmark but none the less a day to celebrate Mothers … our own, our Grandmothers, our Godmothers and I guess if you are lucky enough to be a mother to take a moment to relish the amazing journey (that I am just starting on) that is motherhood.

In church last year the sermon focussed on the ‘mothering’ part of Mothering Sunday and got me thinking about all the people who have been mothering me and mothering my mother and mothering Hope … friends, family, medical staff, child minders, playgroup people … so many people … so sending my love and gratitude to them all … and in particular to my wonderful mother just back from the Far East where she celebrated her birthday, she’s now well on the road to 90 years old and is remarkable.

This lovely photograph by the brilliant photographer Paul Clarke taken of the three of us on Hope’s first birthday captures our joy in each other… not always the case I was a horrid teenager … but now we are the best of friends.


Surrounded by love (c) Paul Clarke all rights reserved

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