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and so it goes …

March 20, 2013

Normality resumed … well in the contents of a small person’s nappy department at any rate … but it took a week.

What started totally out of the blue became a real source of anxiety … I never in a million years thought I’d become the person who obsessed about baby poo … but I did. A week ago after a particularly ‘windy’ night in the buttock region I was confronted with a nappy full of gloopy white poo, kind of like clay when I changed Hope. She was a bit grumbly and a bit snuffly so I just thought hmmm must be a side effect of a cold or teething or something (everything is down to teething as far as I can tell!), anyway to all intents and purposes during the day time she has been cheery, chatty and dancey just as she usually is, but during the night times she’s obviously had a nasty tummy ache (alongside the ever present toothache) and has thrashed around and refused to sleep in her little bed, or just kept waking up endlessly.

So, she’s been in bed with me, which I love so it’s no hardship, I’m paranoid about her getting squashed or tangled with a sheet or anything so we generally end up with her in the middle of the bed like a small star fish, or while she’s been feeling under the weather on her front with her bottom in the air, and me perched on an inch of bed at the edge of the precipice with a small handkerchief covering me and no pillow … all my bedding on the floor. To think, I used to be the girl who slept with eye mask, ear plugs, my perfect pillow and a heavy duvet … no more!!

Hope also had a bit of a calamity and had a bottom explosion in the bath … first time ever so I guess I should be grateful, but was in a total rage when I swooped her out and then had to dust her down with a towel … to say nothing of me, and then once she’d been restored to good cheer, had to spend 10 minutes cleaning the bath. Apparently the medically interesting element of that incident was that it floated which means malabsorbtion … ie fat going through her and not into her system … which is one of the reasons celiac disease was considered.

The contents of the nappy stayed whitish and odd for a few days then went a little beige but it was as if nothing was going ‘through’ her properly (sorry for the graphic nature of the post), poor Hope seemed more and more out of sorts … and sleep got harder and harder … I found myself changing her nappy far more often than usual and peering into it in a very eager manner only to be disappointed when the contents weren’t as they had always been in the past. Then, finally after eating a huge quantity of fish pie, shepherds pie and bread and butter pudding, a bit of broccoli, a froob and half an orange all topped off with several gallons of breast milk (milky) … normality was resumed … hurrah for proper poo that’s what I say. Seeing a tiny little person sitting in a high chair turning red and purple with the effort really was very upsetting … and clearly wasn’t good for her either.

Today she is much more herself and very chipper and cheerful. So it must have just been a tummy upset or some sort … I’m glad it doesn’t seem that it was an allergy or celiac disease or anything to do with her liver.



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